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cats can't dig these plants

keep cats out of my indoor plants
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our cats like to play in the soil our indoor plants live in. the typical planter is has a circular opening at the top, with nice rich soil surrounding a plant stalk.

the cats like to hang out under the plant canopy, but they loooove to play in the dirt.

my idea is to have a sturdy grate that fits the opening of any planter. you can water through the grate, but the cats can't dig and throw dirt all over creation.

failing all this, i just need someone to vacuum the floor.

[updated 09-17-2003] hmmm. chicken wire could be nice... but I'm looking for a more "finished" product that you don't need gloves to handle.

The cat's aren't eating the plants so much as trying to smack the dirt. They seem to be playing most of the time... they also like to roll in the dirt. Twice, I have seen them digging... once found what they were trying to hide... (note must get the kiddo to clean the litter box more often).

butterhed, Jul 24 2003


       That could work.
sartep, Jul 24 2003

       Yeah, this is done for planters in koi ponds too as they love to dig in the mud. You can either get special planters with a mesh on top or just upturn a a hanging basket over the pot.
squeak, Jul 24 2003

       Or you just scatter some pebbles on the top of the dirt.
Gulherme, Jul 24 2003

       ...or chop off your cats feet. I can recommend a baker would do this for you.
silverstormer, Jul 24 2003

       I have to roll out chicken wire over the vegetable garden rows every spring to protect the seedlings.
FarmerJohn, Jul 24 2003

       "play" in the dirt... "nice rich soil"... suspiciously empty litterbox ... hope your'e not growing carrots.
bungston, Jul 24 2003

       If your cats are digging the plants up to eat them, they are possibly short of vitamins, so you might try getting some vitamin drops from the vet and adding them to the catfood once or twice a week.
DrCurry, Jul 24 2003


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