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Display the Categories

Display the categories to which individual ideas in a search result list belong.
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I just think it might be handy to display the categories of the ideas when you get your search results back.

That is all.

Cuit_au_Four, Oct 03 2006

Almost http://www.halfbake..._3cbr_3e:t=bollocks
There are searches, and then there are searches. One thing you could try is performing your searches from within a view. This allows you all manner of display jiggery pokery, including, should you so desire, displaying the category within which an idea has been placed. [zen_tom, Oct 03 2006]


       ... but if all your search results for ideas about car batteries are in car: battery, wouldn't that give you the smallest clue?
po, Oct 03 2006

       [Cuit], why?
hidden truths, Oct 03 2006


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