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HB Auto-Google

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How about a button to the right of the idea name box on the "Add Idea" page that takes what you've typed in the name box and runs a Google search on it? It just might put PeterSealy out of work.
globaltourniquet, May 09 2001

Google toolbar http://toolbar.google.com
If you really need an auto-google, get this. It puts a search field right under the address bar in IE5+ [Parvenu, Oct 05 2004]

(?) ABCommonizer http://abcommonizer.home.attbi.com/
Like Google toolbar, but configurable to perform searches on various search engines (including HalfBakery!). [funp, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Hey waugs, I got a deal on Google from a telemarketer: it only costs *me* seven cents.
beauxeault, May 09 2001

       "But why," I hear you ask, "is jutta being abrasive about what is, after all, a trivial little link that would do much good?"   

       I would like to preserve research tool diversity among the halfbakery users. Both because that gives better overall results, and because it's not appropriate for me to advertise one particular search tool.   

       If I wanted to preserve diversity _and_ link somewhere, I would have to link to a whole bunch of stuff to be fair to all of them, and that's where waugsqueke's summary comes in - I don't want to become a search engine farm.   

       (If there ever is a "roll-your-own halfbakery" effort, I don't see why users couldn't specify which search engine, if any, they would like auto-linked, according to which quoting rules. But that's in the distant future.)
jutta, May 09 2001

       Wise, benevolent and fearless leader. I am honored to be rejected by your excellent, sound judgement. Stand down, troops.
globaltourniquet, May 09 2001

       so, gt, was that 'stand down' order akin to a [marked–for–deletion] kiss of death? (btw, if jutta didn't love it, she wouldn't do it; if she only had a nickel for every time she'd been sucked up to here... ;) ) (not that I'm discouraging sucking up, necessarily, but you laid it on pretty thick there, donchaknow)
absterge, May 09 2001

       Just put a link to Google and a couple of other search engines on the front page. That would be VERY useful.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2002

       Though I'm not speaking for [jutta], and would hesitate even to paraphrase her, I interpret what she said as "If I link to one, I must link to all". Shirley you can remember "www.google.com". Why do you need a link?
angel, Nov 19 2002

       Woe is me, I forgot to read through all the annos.   

       I need a link because I'm lazy.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2002

       Get the google toolbar if you can't be arsed tryping www.goo... into the address bar. See link.   

       8th: if jutta would let us be just a bit more frivolous with our HTML in our view editing, we could put the links there ourselves. Perhpas we could also put pictures of our loved ones there to remind us what life the bakery has taken away from us.
Parvenu, Dec 01 2002

       Many browsers, including IE, have ways to self-configure so you can do searches on multiple search engines right from the address box. IE's is not obvious, but it only requires a couple of registry entries, no extra software at all. Netscape/Mozilla and Opera make this much more straightforward.
krelnik, Apr 20 2003

       krelnik, you make me cry (j/k), as I have already started writing such software. (See ABCommonizer link).
funp, Jun 03 2003


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