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Disposable Cars

at ~$3K, good for 10K miles
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Just an aluminum (p: yes, I AM American) caged motorcycle, really. Small, light, good on gas, completely unsafe, and fit for maybe 70mph tops. Could be manufactured so as to recycle easily. Get a new one every year, with all the latest gizmos. Once you find one you really like, opt up along the same product line for a more permanent addition, if you like.
absterge, Mar 26 2001

(?) Corbin Motors: Merlin http://www.corbinmo....com/merlinfaq2.htm
The price tag is still a little higher at $17,900, but it is light on gas and, technically, a caged motorcycle with a top speed of 100 mph. [jutta, Mar 26 2001]

(?) GM Reports Record Sales of New Disposable Car http://www.theonion...disposable_car.html
A recent piece in The Onion about disposable cars. [acb, Mar 26 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       adding to what peter said, actually BUY a used car from a rental company. I work at one, and those cars go through more crap than most cars, so I give them about 3 years to lemon out.
AfroAssault, Apr 07 2001

       Most of them won't last that long. For the most part, the cars are taken pretty good care of, maintainence-wise, but if there's a major problem of some sort, it's either band-aided, or the car is returned.   

       What company do you work for, AA? I used to work for Avis...
StarChaser, Apr 08 2001

       Dollar. If you've heard of it, you're probably laughing.
AfroAssault, Apr 24 2001

       For shame... Haven't you guys ever owned Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth? Mopar is good product.
thumbwax, Apr 24 2001

       *American* cars fall apart after three years or so? My d****d Subaru has been losing bits since I bought it. The engine is OK but everything inside is low-grade cheese.
Dog Ed, Apr 24 2001

       True, Dog (whoa, say that like a gangsta!). I have a 10 year old Oldsmobile with 180,000 miles, runs better than most new cars I've driven. Only problems I've had are the alternator which eventually quits on you anyway and the windshield cracking, but I shouldn't have punched it in the first place.
AfroAssault, Sep 19 2001, last modified Sep 20 2001

       [AfroAssault] Since you spend all your disposable income on explosives, I imagine you *have* to make your car last that long...
phoenix, Sep 19 2001

       (I feel a crusade coming on)   

       MP3 bloke pleeeese try health, culture, anything.....
po, Nov 04 2001

       UB: you did not even mention custard filled bumps, exploding knickers or ponytail fasteners - with respect, you are slipping
po, Nov 04 2001

       Maybe he was thinking for his elf, your honour.
cp, Nov 04 2001

       no need to call me your honour, plain old po will do nicely young man
po, Nov 04 2001

       Deforest Gump - hee hee
po, Nov 04 2001

       I take what I said about Mopar back
thumbwax, Nov 12 2002

       Renault made a disposable car some decades ago. I believe it was called the R5 in Europe, "LeCar" here in the US.
whlanteigne, Jun 23 2004

       R 5 do you mean the Renault 5? besides given the current trends in the automotive industry every thing has to be recyclable, so disposable cars are out,   

       Renault did recently unveil a £3 000 car designed for the former Soviet block countries but that should last more than 10K and be absolutely basic.
engineer1, Jun 23 2004

       What a waste.
harderthanjesus, Jun 23 2004

       Automobiles have been "recycled" for as long as there have been cars- we don't like them next door, but every gearhead has been to his local JUNKYARD. I believe the automobile industry has an excellent example of recycling, one that most other industries would envy. It just hasn't always been called that. If you want to target an industry that has a poor record of recycling, look at electronics- specifically, look at computers. Anybody want parts from a Pentium 75? How about a Commodore 64, or a Timex/Sinclair?
whlanteigne, Oct 26 2004


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