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Inflatable Car II

stackable parking smart-car
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Inflatable car - a new spin on UB's original

Based on a two seat, lightweight go-kart with no seat-backs. Inflatable frame forms the seat backs, luggage compartment, bumpers and roof (no doors for swift emergency egress).

When you get to the mall, pull up to park, deflate, zip outer cover over and slip into parking rack. Can be stacked or stood end-on (on wheel rims).

When leaving, unzip, start engine, and engine inflates canopy.

This design provides visability, safety and weather protection over a go-kart and economy and ease of parking over a regular car.

Nobody in their right mind would steal it (especially if filled with custard)

Is this practical?

FloridaManatee, Jan 02 2003

Inflatable aircraft http://ipp.nasa.gov...95/5-aerotech4.html
Wonder if I could float a loan for one of these..... [normzone, Dec 14 2004]


       Most of the weight of such a car would be the occupant(s)... on a windy day you'd find himself bouncing down the highway.
venomx, Jul 09 2003

       i agree with venomx. the car would have to have a LOT of air to move. Also, wouldn't the inflatable tires pop very easily? (-)
croissantz, Jul 17 2004

       Sound good to me!
DesertFox, Jul 17 2004

       So, if you make it aerodynamically set to push DOWNWARDS as you advance, that could keep you from jumping off the road... Could be adjustable, so you dont loose energy on too much drag.   

       We were once driving down a windy coastal highway, and all of sudden saw one of those tiny (Subaru?) minibus-like cars, rolling on its roof and land on its wheels on the roadside. All traffic stopped and everybody was getting out to help them, but they just got back on the road, and continued on!
pashute, Mar 21 2006

       Just find a used Renault 5. Same idea without the inflatable body.
whlanteigne, Feb 06 2013


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