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Disposable Computer

For those times when you “wish you had a computer with you”.
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Have you ever got your schedule confused and ended up at the courthouse for two hours waiting for your buddy to get out of jail while you sit there trying not to imagine what happens to a guy in the slammer and wishing to yourself the whole time that you had brought your computer along? Well wish no more, DisposoComp is here. Just swing on down to your local CVS, 7-11, Walgreens or any one of those other places that sells stuff that I’ll be damned if I know anyone actually buys there, and pick yourself up a disposable computer. The systems could be salvaged computers from all the dot-com closures, or from all those computers universities seem to toss every year. Heck, you could probably just go door to door and ask people to give you their four year old computer that only god knows why they “just couldn’t throw it out.”
pecknological, Sep 07 2001


       the crickets are chirping mighty loud, aye Bubba
thumbwax, Sep 07 2001

       no - I wish that I had a computer with at least windows 95 and an internetconection...
RobertKidney, Sep 07 2001

       whats wrong with a laptop in these circumstances.
po, Sep 08 2001

       are all peck's friends crims?
po, Sep 08 2001

       string him up to the nearest tree
po, Sep 08 2001

       sorry from
po, Sep 08 2001

       Would be a good time for a disposable tree and rope.
phoenix, Dec 06 2001


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