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Time-Share Your Life!

Add more time to your busy schedule!
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It's thursday night and you have so much to do that you decide not to sleep. Then the next couple days you have so much down time you sleep and eat just to pass the day. This is especially true for college students, but surely true for all kinds of people everywhere.

Why not "share" your busy times and free times with others online to even out your daily workload? Log on thursday night to get help and in exchange help others out when they are busy. There could be help/aid quotas to keep people roughly 50/50 on helping and receiving help. You could even help people learn or get a jump start on things that are well outside their field of expertise!

Of course, there are a few honesty and confidentiality complications with a system like this for work or school. But think of the possibilities! Proofreading help, experimental analysis, access to expertise in all kinds of fields, homework help, inspiration, etc. It's like an advanced online chat system with helpful tools and the purpose of helping people balance their lives!

Feel good helping others, and feel good being helped when the world is on your shoulders!

kumpf, Apr 29 2005


       You could also use it as a teaching tool. Get smarter by taking on helpful roles in other people's advanced projects... even if it's just proofreading their documents and asking them questions. :o)
kumpf, Apr 29 2005

       Services that could work this way abound on the internet, ranging from Whynot.net to Twiki.org, so what is needed?
reensure, Apr 29 2005

       what is needed? A place that holds users to a quota that keeps them honest in both how much time they receive help and how much time they help others. This keeps a large supply of helpful people around and also limits people from abusing the survice that may never help out.
kumpf, Apr 29 2005

       Time share your wife?
benfrost, May 01 2005

       Keep users honest? Dunno, sounds like work worth avoiding to me.
reensure, May 01 2005


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