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Disposable Flag

throwaway nationalism
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Perfect for parades, holidays and protests. Biodegradable, lightweight, highly flammable and edible rice paper flags are environmentally responsible, easily transported, protest perfect, nutritious and delicious. Available in pre-perforated 55, 110 and 220 yard rolls in a variety of sizes and nationalities.
nuclear hobo, May 13 2007

Allow me [Frank]... http://www.halfbake..._20%28TM%29&ok=+OK+
Any of these [nuclear hobo].
A shamefully shameless search for the keyword "AnyFlag_20(TM)"...
(I especially like the Plasma T-Shirt annos and links)..
[theleopard, May 16 2007]

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       Where's [Lt_Frank] when you need him?
theleopard, May 13 2007

       Hopefully highly absorbent of flammable liquids.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 13 2007

       This has just made me think of flag toilet roll, for the ultimate unpatriotic gesture. Leave it in the guest's bathroom and they will have to either use it or walk out with dirty pride.
marklar, May 14 2007

       Too bad religions don't have flags ...
nuclear hobo, May 14 2007

theleopard, May 15 2007

       //see link for shameless self promotion...// I'd love to, but what link?
nuclear hobo, May 16 2007


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