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Distance Training Hat

Productive 1st Person Shooters
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This invention makes it so that people can go online and train people in real time.

The trainee will wear the hat, a backpack with laptop/wireless card, and a headset.

On the hat will be a webcam and a laser pointer, which can be controlled by the trainer, online from their chair.

For example, for plumbing under a sink, put on the hat and backpack, and have the plumber guide you throught the repair process by using the laser pointer and communicating through the headset.

Depending on the speed of the connection and camera resolution ($), this will be a cheaper and easier alternative to actually visiting a job site for the trainers.

leinypoo13, Aug 25 2007


       "Which flange? I don't see it!"   

       "I'm tring to point at it for you, but you won't hold your head still!"
globaltourniquet, Aug 25 2007

       Press F6 for cocaine injection to reward your trainee.
leinypoo13, Aug 25 2007

       Imagines system being hacked into as the novice is about to repair a broken cooker.... " Now take that thick red wire and wet the end of it with your tongue" "Are you sure?" "Oh yes - this is an old lecky trick" "Ok then.......
most worthy idea +
xenzag, Aug 26 2007

       // "Which flange? I don't see it!"//   

       "Welcome to the karmasutra training program"
marklar, Aug 26 2007

       Brilliant. Bake it!
knowtion, Mar 12 2009


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