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Double Motorcycle Helmet

because you never know when a friend might come along...
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Simple - a helmet with a removable outer shell. While being somewhat bulky, the driver would tolerate the inconvenience for the uh, convenience of having a second helmet always available in case a friend, girl, or anyone else wants to tag along. The passenger would suffer the inconvenience of having a not-so-safe helmet, but heck, they get a free ride.
Edit: swimr suggests an inflatable padding for the passenger helmet. Brilliant! *gives swimr a sugar lump*

[Note: In the state I live in, it is a law to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, thereby eliminating the choice of picking up someone without a helmet.]
ghillie, Oct 08 2004


       Nice, Here's my $0.02: Have an inflatable padding bit on the second "shell" so it's comfy too.+
swimr, Oct 08 2004

       Ok, but only with [swimr]'s modification.
Worldgineer, Oct 08 2004

       oh bless, what do you do with condoms?
po, Oct 08 2004

       I'm surprised to hear that you don't know that by now, po.
half, Oct 08 2004

       Why would you need two...? Ech.
ghillie, Oct 09 2004

       Some nights are longer than others.
half, Oct 09 2004

       OW, my virgin ears!
ghillie, Oct 09 2004

       If your ears hurt you are using your condoms incorrectly : )   

       How did we get from motorcycle helmets to condoms, anyway? Oh, yeah, it was po. How are you, dear?
Canuck, Oct 09 2004

       Upholster the second outer shell with rainbow clown hair. We call that "high-visibility." And handy in a parade!
Letsbuildafort, Oct 09 2004

       hey Canuck, fine. thanks for asking. I was just thinking you should put your fine song into the Song Dept. its a goody!
po, Oct 09 2004

       How'd this turn from a good idea to sex?
Oh yeah. Po. >;(
ghillie, Oct 09 2004

       I often find that I need a ride at the end of the night. It would be great for me to borrow the helmet of one of my biker friends, put my arms around them and jump on their big, throbbing rocket...
wagster, Oct 09 2004

       Okay I give [Unabubba], what's the cypher?   

       A lot of bikes have a compartment to store a second helmet in. Not mine though. NOT MINE! Inflatable padding wouldn't suffice though, the larger helmet wouldn't work. The padding would pop on impact and the helmet would be useless.
harderthanjesus, Oct 14 2004

       [2fries], look at the letters upside down, and use your imagination.
vigilante, Oct 14 2004

       Ah so. Here I was trying all sorts of numerical combinations and keyboard hopscotch to figure it out...let's see if .v =A. backwards and if all the letters are one up and four over then... crap... ok if .v is 21 letters removed from A then...

A guy could go nuts with that shit.

       UB- just so you know, usually each letter in the answer is supposed to link to a single discrete letter in the cypher.
brodie, Oct 15 2004


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