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Distinguished Extinguisher

A little fire there have we?
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The campers having had a day of hiking and merriment behind them, decided to retire to their tents for a restful night of sleep. As the climate of the evening suited the companionship of a trio of canines and they were lacking, the fire was left to glow, giving its warmth like a nurturing mother to the sleeping nature lovers.

Lovers yes, but novices it is true, for as they slept the fire spread and the first to awaken to the growing glow panicked and kicked the bucket. Literally, that is and spilled their only means to stop the fire. The frightened mesmerized campers danced around the fire like the children of Golding, kicking at it debris which only seemed to fan and fuel the flames.

Their cries, however, stopped suddenly as a figure emerged from behind the blinding light. Dressed fashionably in a long, light trenchcoat, woolen flatcap, bespectacled and toting a long umbrella as one would a walking stick, he approached.

As they cried out for his aide, he silenced them with a "right-o, in a tick!" And in a single sweeping motion, with a fencer's accuracy, lunged forward opening his umbrella into a state of overextension, as would a sudden updraft on the windiest of days, and smothered the raging core of the inferno with the downturned dome. With that, the figure and flames dissappeared in a cloud of carbon dioxide mist, insulator powder and smoke that the campers later concluded were concealed in the shaft of the umbrella.

schmendrick, Sep 08 2005


       An emberella?   

       Far too few people are bespectacled anymore. Most are content just to wear glasses. [+]
hidden truths, Sep 08 2005

       Are bubba and fj back? Or is it but a pigment of my imagination?
blissmiss, Sep 08 2005

       UB is up and writing again, I haven't seen anything by the Farmer yet.   

       Out of interest [schmendrick] are you new here or a reincarnation? That idea is almost too halfbaked to be by a newbie.
hidden truths, Sep 08 2005

       So, the invention is a fire-extinguisher in an umbrella form factor?
bristolz, Sep 08 2005

       I think the invention is little more then schmendrick's attempt to sound British.
land, Sep 08 2005

       In general, it seems to me that a fire smaller than an umbrella is generally not too much to worry about. However, one's coat can also be pressed into service, although this carries with it the risk of disapprobration from one's tailor. Doncha know. +
moomintroll, Sep 08 2005


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