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Fire extinguisher cosy

A jacket to stop your hands sticking to a CO2 extinguisher
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When a CO2 extinguisher is discharged the body becomes very cold, and your skin can stick to the cold metal parts. The user is only supposed to hold certain parts, but that is not always easy with a heavy extinguisher, and it depends where you need to spray.

By covering the extinguisher in a jacket made of some type of plastic compound that can hold a decent temperature gradient across it, this problem is avoided. The horn would also have a cover

Instructions do not need to be masked, they could simply be reproduced on the jacket.

Fire extinguisher covers already exist, but this one is intended to remain in place while the extinguisher is in use.
skegger, May 13 2009

yep, I can see it happening in offices everywhere... http://www.crochetn...tpaperdollcover.htm
[po, May 13 2009]

Sleek furnace. http://coolboom.net.../12/meier-sale1.jpg
[loonquawl, May 13 2009]

*cozy* gas station...... [+] for the idea, too http://blog.makezin...l_Large1_edited.jpg
[xandram, May 13 2009]

Double skin insulated horn to prevent cold burns http://www.fireands..._extinguishers.html
[skegger, May 13 2009]


       The CO2 in the extinguisher is compressed. The user simply releases it. The insulation does not interfere with the normal process that would occur with an uninsulated extinguisher.
The jacket simply delays the heat transfer from the surroundings into the now-cooled extinguisher to prevent cold-burns.

The cooling of the extinguisher (and the resulting heat transfer into it) plays no part in the expansion of the gas, it is merely a by-product of the gas expansion.
skegger, May 13 2009

       I bet my grandma could knit one up. I hope it comes in different colours! And themes. Like for trashy tasteless people it's a frilly toilet dolly! For cool, modern people it's sleek and grey. I would want mine to be shaped like a penguin please.
penguin_tummy, May 13 2009

       [penguin_tummy]: //For cool, modern people it's sleek and grey// -- cool, modern people would be quite challenged to find those sleek extinguishers in smoke and panic...   

       there is an architect constantly at war with the local fire/safety authorities because he accepts nothing but white in his buildings - he also once designed an auditorium with no sunshades, because the abilitiy to gaze out trumped the ability to use a beamer. see [link], and find the sleek fire extinguisher.
loonquawl, May 13 2009

       One hundred and some points to po!
calum, May 13 2009

       Unfortunately I think insulating it would hamper performance. The body would become very cold beneath the jacket, and the CO2 would possibly struggle to vaporise.
mitxela, May 13 2009

       Dagnabbit. I did some more research to try to prove you wrong mitxela, and in the process discovered that my idea is mostly baked already.
(see link)
How's that for an own goal!
At least the decorative cosy aspect still has legs.
skegger, May 13 2009

       That's nothing, [skegger]. I once proposed a custard cult and someone was able to point me to a mature website about the same thing, thought up for the same purpose!   

       The Halfbakery ideal of original ideas is a very high bar indeed.
Aristotle, May 13 2009

       //me to a mature website about the same thing//
Sp: Immature. (One Hopes!)
This is still a lovely iddea for the image and promise of the resultant cottage industry available to alll our mums and grannies.
gnomethang, May 13 2009

       Welcome [skegger]. I'm a big fan of cosy notions so have another croissant, and ignore the autoboner.
xenzag, May 13 2009

       I just think it might be dangerous if these cozies get switched. As someone who works with various types of fire extinguishers, I know that grabbing the right one in an emergency could mean life or death.
Alx_xlA, Jan 22 2011

       // your skin can stick to the cold metal parts //   

       This is called a "valuable learning experience" and should be encouraged.
8th of 7, Jan 22 2011


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