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Divided bedsheets

Good fences make good neighbors
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There should be bedspreads that have a soft divider sewn down the middle, that demarks the middle of bed. This would prevent many disputes. There are many soft fabric fringes that could serve as a divider, that wouldn't be uncomfortable to lie on, yet could easily be felt in the middle of the night when it's dark.

This of course wouldn't solve the problem of partners who hog the covers. I leave that for some other inventor.

schnitzi, Sep 30 2002


       sheet, blanket or duvet - why not have one each?   

       you could tuck this one away in Home: bed.
po, Sep 30 2002


       Sounds like the house divided by duct tape in the Nanny Diaries. If it bugs you that much, throw the bum out.   

       Or, like many happily married couples, simply get separate beds.
DrCurry, Sep 30 2002

       Try sleeping bags.
Still, not a bad idea though.
NickTheGreat, Sep 30 2002

       Reeks of a sitcom. The old 'divide-a-room-hilarity-ensues' formula.
watermelancholy, Oct 01 2002

       No! No no no no no. Why on earth would anyone want to remove any of the fun of sleeping with one's mate? I don't care one little bit where the middle of the bed is. If I haven't fallen off, I figure I'm close enough.   

       Next you'll be telling me I have to wear some kind of fabric garment to bed. That, schnitzi, is a practice that I can neither pursue nor endorse.   

       Is it an election year? Is this why people are telling me what to do in the privacy of my bedroom?
1percent, Oct 01 2002

       she''s quite right <hides behind big 1%> what she said!. no one tells us what we do in private <is that OK? 1%?>
po, Oct 01 2002

       Um ... yeah ...   

       <olive branch> Can we call these things "Divided Bedsheets for Those Who Find Their Bedmates Unattractive"?   

       Someone, somewhere, would find these useful. </olive branch>
1percent, Oct 01 2002

       Might I suggest a name for these...Plutonic Sheets! Yes, Plutonic Sheets could be used for all types of situations. Both fitted lower sheets and top sheets would have a seam down the center that could be felt by even the most hoggish of bed partners. These sheets would be useful for siblings sharing a bed as well as adult bed sharers that don't really want to encroach upon the other (or be encroached upon. A bun for you, but keep the crumbs on your own side.
Salted Nuts, Mar 14 2007

       <pedant> [SN] Please don't confuse Pluto with Plato! </pedant>
csea, Mar 14 2007

       surprisingly, some engineer thinks you are brilliant (not half-baked) and has worked this one out! www.doubleupsforbeds.com
gnarlyis3, Nov 14 2008


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