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Ducted Duvet

with temperature-stabilizing limb slits
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A duvet can be inviting and cozy to crawl under on a cool evening, but can get hot and sweaty during the night. Feverish sleepers next to a bedfellow can only expose an arm, footsie or leg outside their quilt edge.

A duvet with ducts parallel to the body would make comfort cooling so much easier. The double bed version would sport two pairs of slits at shoulder level, two pairs at the hips and two pairs at the knees. Springy plastic strips would be sewn into both sides of each slit to prevent drafts, while allowing free circulation to any protruding limb.

The slits might also inspire a variety of downy sexual frolics among the semi-cold/modest set.

FarmerJohn, Dec 12 2003


       <Sam Kinison wielding an Axe>Die! Die! Die! You slut! You bitch! You whore! Die! Die! Die!</Sam Kinison wielding an Axe>
thumbwax, Dec 12 2003

       I like! It could be amusing if there's cause to suddenly spring out of bed.
silverstormer, Dec 12 2003

       Ha! That reminds me of an earlier mattress when I used to wake up with both arms still asleep (paralyzed) and wonder what I would have done if there was a fire or ongoing burglary.
FarmerJohn, Dec 12 2003

       Its a good Idea, and it rightly gets some tasty bread based products.
However, I could never have one.... my sleeping habits are too kinetic...
I'd wake up thinking a Grouper had swallowed me
The_Englishman_Abroad, Dec 12 2003


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