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Do-It-Yourself Mall

Do-it-Yourself Mall
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A mall that has carpentry shops to build wood items or automotive shops to work on cars. There could also be home improvement supply stores and hardware and automobile supplies stores at the mall.

I have seen do-it-yourself carpentry and automotive shops, home-improvement and hardware stores in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that were successful entities by themselves but never as part of a mall.

Gordon Gibson, Mar 03 2005

Rent-a-Garage Rent-a-Garage
Much the same. [waugsqueke, Mar 03 2005]


       Response to TheRoberts Mar. 3, 2005   

       Shops in such a mall would simply use basic facilities already existing altered for specific uses.   

       Other businesses in the mall might be tool rental businesses, fabric and sewing facilities, restaurant and coffee shops, do-it-yourself bookstores and suppliers of kits and plans, storage facilities for partly finished projects and teaching facilities   

       Gordon Gibson March 3, 2005
Gordon Gibson, Mar 04 2005


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