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Hospital Mall

Place stores in/by hospitals
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Place spa services, food courts, general stores and similar businesses in hospitals, or on hospital owned improved properties next to hospitals. Both patients and visitors can use the shops while visiting one another, therefore increasing the efficiency of the time used during the visit. Parking would be validated for the general public if they desired to patronize the mall. The cash strapped health care providers will gain a profit generator.

Oct. 22, 2005: Leave it to Wal-Mart to turn the table on this idea by placing clinics in their general stores rather than vice versa. See details by searching for "Wal-Mart and InterFit Health" in any search engine.

Sunstone, Oct 09 2005

(?) Bar in a nursing home http://msnbc.msn.com/id/10035233/
How to cheer up a nursing home and its visitors? Install a bar [Sunstone, Nov 14 2005]

Now baked, medical care in malls https://www.cnn.com...h-clinic/index.html
Health clinics at malls are an evolution of "medtail" — the blend between retail and medical services.Malls are filling their empty spaces with doctor's offices, doc in the boxes, radiology rooms, medical exam rooms, clinics, labs. The health care industry in the United States has ballooned to $3.5 trillion a year and retailers are increasingly trying to latch onto the booming market. Mall landlords are betting that when patients visit for a flu shot or eye exam, they'll shop around for clothes or electronics. [Sunstone, Jul 24 2019]


       For including parking, +.   

       For implying that hospitals are strapped for cash because they keep people making and spending money elsewhere, -.
reensure, Oct 09 2005

       Patronizing is rarely welcome in hospitals.   

       A lot of the hospitals that I have been in have had general stores in them. It's usually contracted to outside companies though, who charge obscene markups because they know that many of their customers can't go anywhere else.   

       50% disabled parking, shirley?
hidden truths, Oct 09 2005

       I used to visit hospitals regularly when I was a sales rep and everyone of them in SW England had shops, food courts, hairdressers, florists and other similar businesses.   

       They were not run by the hospital but provided useful rental income. I shan't [mfd] as it's hard to say if this is widely known.
jonthegeologist, Oct 09 2005

       Why not use unused beds as shopping areas? Then you wouldn't need any extra space. And it would be extra fun for visitors to come to the hospital.   

       (Only problem: "Wasn't there a bookstand in this room yesterday?" "Oh, that's been transferred to ICU.")
phundug, Oct 09 2005

       Largely baked. I think they call it Florida.
RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2005

       Upper level would consist of an Orange Julius and an oral surgery clinic. All incoming patrons would be de loused and then set loose. It would be great to catch a movie and a hot dog on a stick while your father was having triple bypass surgery.
Antegrity, Oct 10 2005

       Many people are obcessed by watching medical dramas, so the shoppers could be charged to watch the operating theatre, They could even sell popcorn....
Minimal, Nov 15 2005

       [jtg] Yup, pretty widely baked in the UK.
[RayfordSteele] Nice. :-)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 15 2005

       Done at Hadassa hospital in Jerusalem. One of the most aggravating things possible. I cannot exactly pinpoint what's wrong, but it feels like your being exploited.
pashute, May 03 2011

       Thinking further about this, they're a little /unlike/ malls, in that they charge you for parking.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 03 2011


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