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When my time comes I hereby pass on my usernames and passwords to
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Via the website, and only through a legal process proving that the original owner is now deceased (case of Bin Laden set aside for now) the chosen user - using the name and password given to them during original owner's lifetime, and optionally by the original owner's request, after verifying their id, have access THROUGH ID INHERITANCE, to sections of the web, such as bank accounts, blogs and more.

The credentials will be automatically changed to point to IDInheritance.

The new owners of the ID will (a) not have access to credentials on the website directly (since they are interacting with the website solely via IDInheritance). And (b) will have all actions via IDInheritance.com (except passwords) of theirs recorded on IDInheritance.com, should dubious acts by the new owners ever be suspected. Users will be forewarned, and can watch the records of their usage (but not change them)

On the other hand, IDInheritance server will be set so that only the received owner can actually use the inherited ID.

pashute, Nov 07 2012

aged / experienced user accounts for sale http://www.freelanc...karma-accounts.html
[fishboner, Nov 09 2012]


       Reminded me of the aged user account market. Sort of an ugly underbelly of the internet and discussion boards in general when combined with politics.
fishboner, Nov 09 2012

       I bone anything that gives the government one-stop shopping for my online identity.
Voice, Nov 09 2012

       wh what? this idea allows me Joe the User, to "write a will" that passes on my identity only to said identified person.   

       How does the government get my identity?   

       It only confirms that I'm not here anymore. Since you received the password and are the holder of the email, and in the case of my special request, since you have been identified as John the Inheriting Guy, but if I didn't specifically request that, then simply by getting the (username and) password from me while I was still here, you get to run my bank account, blog and other things. BUT: Everybody knows that what you are doing is only as my successor, and that I'm not here anymore.   

       OK, I'm out of here for now.
pashute, Nov 10 2012


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