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Dodge Paint

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Based off a comic I made a while ago.

Regular dodge ball, but with the balls covered in wet house paint, conveinently located on either end of the court. Hitting an opponet with a dry ball does not count as an out. Makes the balls harder to catch, and covers the losers with a vibrant mark of shame that can enliven any room of your house. Also, the paint that spills on the floor makes for interesting obstacles.

notmarkflynn, Mar 12 2007

The comic strip. http://i37.photobuc...ynn/PaintedBall.jpg
I plug my comic shamelessly, thank you very much. [notmarkflynn, Mar 12 2007]


       I think your title is a little off.   

       Otherwise is a different take on dodge ball(which traditionally is played against a wall in the US with one thrower who plays until someone catches the ball or everyone is out) by the way not my bone!
jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2007

       <nemesis>notmarkflynn's hiatus is over; soon too his life will be.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Mar 15 2007


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