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Dodgeball Bingo

Not dodgeball AND bingo -- it's both at once!
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Dodgeball Bingo is a magical* mix-up of the two of American's most beloved pasttimes. Five players per team are marked with the letters "B," "I," "N," "G," and "O" on their jersey fronts, and each has a different bingo card attached to their back. A 6th players is the Dauber, who keeps track of each team's score. Six balls are numbered "1" through "6." Players grab balls and fire them at opponents, and when (for example) the number "4" ball hits the opposing team's "G" players, the throwing team's Daubers runs to each player and marks any G-4 squares on their bingo cards. Two referrees and a judge help announce squares earned.

Full rules in link below.

* "Relentlessly chaotic" may be a more suitable adjective.

awesomest, Jan 27 2014

Full rules. https://medium.com/...-bingo-8163807a89e6
[awesomest, Jan 27 2014, last modified Nov 28 2018]


       [+] Made me laugh, though Bingo is not really one of America's favorite pasttimes! (neither is Dodgeball for that matter) but I like the mix.
xandram, Jan 27 2014

       4 ball hits G dauber marks all G6, huh!?
rcarty, Jan 27 2014

       // "Relentlessly chaotic" //   

       I finished high school at a non-curricular school where the director felt that certain 'team activities' enabled discriminatory victimization, so to replace dodgeball (#1 on his hit list) he created 'deathball': 1 baseball diamond, x no. of players, x(2) no. of assorted sports balls (not all nerf!), and no teams.   

       I like this one too.
Alterother, Jan 27 2014

       Thanks, [rcarty], my typo is fixed.
awesomest, Jan 27 2014

       Nice tweets.
rcarty, Jan 27 2014


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