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Doesn't Belong Here Category

Another bad category idea
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Maybe there ought to be a category for people who know their idea is baked or likely to be marked for deletion but want to post it anyway...this would make it a lot easier to get rid of these ideas and avoid them altogether

i just figured it would give people the oppurtunity to post their existant ideas and at the same time give everyone else a category to avoid and moderators a chance to delete unwanted ideas...eh

gniterobot, Aug 31 2002


       Wouldn't that encourage posting ideas that don't belong?
BinaryCookies, Aug 31 2002

       And needless annotations?
jutta recently amended the term baked on the help page:
baked - this is widely known to exist in the real world. Mere existence alone is not grounds for deletion; it needs to also be widely known. (What exactly constitutes "widely known" is subject to interpretation by the moderators.)
Prior to that amendment, it read something like... "...known to the author of the idea" - some authors just ignored that, or protested vehemently - so I'm sure it made 'baking a task for moderators - this modification will make it a bit more pleasant for our moderators, I hope.
thumbwax, Aug 31 2002

       Giving people a place to do something is unlikely to discourage them from doing it.
waugsqueke, Aug 31 2002

       Unfortunately, neither is the reverse, if we are to take the evidence of these pages.
DrCurry, Aug 31 2002

       I could do with this, you know what I'm like ;op
NickTheGreat, Sep 01 2002

       Perhaps there should be a category for people to post to which doesn't actually display (and is never actually stored) anywhere. Then these ideas can go straight into the void, but they provide an outlet so that people can get them out of their system.   

       A few dummy categories such as 'genetic engineering' and 'cat/toast antigravity' might save the admins a fair bit of work.
-alx, Sep 02 2002

       Now that's sound thinking from alx. Fair gods, perpetual motion, word-use fascism...
General Washington, Sep 02 2002

       I'm still working on a way to properly dress up "Brainpower Increasing Device" (a poorly disguised theory that the first tools were hair-ties, not flint arrowheads).
FlyingToaster, Aug 28 2011


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