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Dog Disc Golf

Putting from the ruff
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What we have here is an urban golf course of much deeper holes for dogs, peppered every so often along pedestrian paths, etc. Dogs being drawn to the smell of dog poo like dogs to a...well, you know, the dog gets points for getting "it" in the hole. Higher points for early holes, if you're keeping score at home.

An equally fine way to meet other strange dogs and dog owners.

4and20, May 26 2015


       So, public dog toilets, in a park? I'm picturing a set-up like a domestic earth closet where, when one hole starts to fill up, you close it off, let the contents dry out, then take it away for fertiliser. There's at least one alternative hole nearby.
pertinax, May 28 2015

       You and I are on the same wavelength. Are we in fact, toilet whisperers?
4and20, May 28 2015


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