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Dog Weeder

Train a pack of dogs to dig weeds.
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Train dogs to differentiate weeds from grass. This would be for a business where you drive these hounds from client to client, and supervise them for an hour or so, as they rove the client’s yard digging up weeds and dropping them in a waste bin. You follow behind patching up the hole with topsoil.

It seems simple enough. I'd be willing to bet that most dogs could be trained to differentiate a certain variety of grass (Bermuda, St. Augustine, etc) from any other.

andrewkorbel, Jun 01 2005


       Innovative, original, potential. Earns my bun.
zeno, Jun 01 2005

       I was pondering only recently whether this could be done. I was thinking about having the dog seize the weed in its teeth and pulling, but digging would likely be more thorough.   

       Another application for the pack of lawn dogs would be noiseles edging. The dogs would move amout the perimeter, pulling up long grass. Sick dogs would also not have to miss work.
bungston, Jun 02 2005

       Hybridize and plant weeds that grow a piece of dogfood at the root end. No training needed.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       Wouldn't sheep or goats be a heck of a lot more efficient?
DrCurry, Jun 03 2005

       They don't like dogfood.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       The cost of training will be very tall.
daseva, Jun 03 2005

       a pack? I think you will find that it takes only one to make a mess of your garden.   

       it's smell thats key to this idea.
po, Jun 03 2005

       "Plant weeds", [bris]? :-)
Adze, Jun 04 2005

       //Wouldn't sheep or goats be a heck of a lot more efficient?// Yes, of course the would, but I have a feeling that goats and sheep don't eat some weeds, but then again, if they did, the weeds would grow back, the owners of the garden will call the people with goats and sheep etc, until they twig that the roots need getting rid of, and that's what hiring the next door neighbours kid is for...
froglet, Jun 04 2005


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