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herbicide resistant weeds

Herbicide resistant weeds to combat the herbicide/herbicide-resistant-crop package marketing
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We need rogue genetic engineers to create glyphosate(Roundup) resistant weeds. This will destroy the current glyphosate market. Agrichemical companies will have to make new more complex poisons. Monsanto will have to create new herbicide resistant crops. Either a) the cycle will continue or b) people will finally try sutainable agriculture.

I don't care for 'a', but It would give some of the genetic engineers something to do other than make fruit that has no flavor and last 6 months in my frige.(really, I had a granny smith apple sit there like it was in stasis or something for 6 months. I feel safer when my food rots)

emeitner, Jul 24 2001

Herbicide Resistant Weeds Spring Up in Bioengineered Soy Fields http://ens.lycos.co...2001L-05-04-04.html
Darwin says it will bake. [rmutt, Jul 24 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Here in the only slightly screwed virgin wilderness of Oregon we have Himalaya blackberries and Scotch broom, neither one a native species, and both of them nearly invincible to weedkillers, fire, grubbing hoes, insect pests, and divine wrath. The weeds are winning... emeitner, your noble cause *will* come to fruition.
Dog Ed, Jul 24 2001

       How about a fast-acting poison that we can apply directly to the genetic engineers ?
cookster, Jul 24 2001

       Well I personally don't like the idea of these weeds because of the agrichemical industry bringing in nasty chemicals of high toxicity to the soil, animals, water table, etc. I do agree they will kill off all the GM crap. GM food is stupid and I don't want it. Why because as any biologist knows diversity keeps the genome large which is a very good thing as it promotes resistance. Therefore using the example of the potato blith in Eire. Why this example? Well as we all know or maybe not potatoes are all genetically similar, therefore more suseptible to the same disease. As will all our animals and plants one day.
Monkeyboy2, Jul 26 2001

       Monsanto is evil. Which reminds me of my Open Source Genetic Engineering idea that I still haven't posted. I hope it isn't too iterant.
EvoketheTiger, Jul 26 2001

       Nutgrass appears to be Australias revenge for years of introduced species terrorizing their wilderness. Too bad we can't get them to trade their nutgrass back form our rabbits and frogs.
Op, Jul 26 2001

       Will trade kudzu for nutgrass...just for a change of scenery.
The Military, Jul 28 2001

       Do Monsanto make different crops resistant to the same weedkiller? If so, all we need to do is sow herbicide-resistant beetroot in their herbicide-resistant wheat fields, and there's nothing the farmer can do about it. Except make beetroot loaf, which is probably quite nice if you like that sort of thing.
pottedstu, Sep 15 2001


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