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Doggy Toilet

Pooch Pooper
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Some how my dog prefers to crap inside my bathroom instead of out doors. Also if i go somewhere my dog also uses the bathroom facilities...not the lawn like it should be.

If i fail to clean up the dog shit then the dog goes to the neighbors house and does his business there.

Anyway I think it would be great to have an auto flushing doggie toilet. my dog would adopt it no doubt.

The toilet would consist of a ceramic enclosure, with a strong vacuum pump, connected to a motion detector.

When the dog gets up from his poop, the vaccum is triggered and deposits the waste into the sewer.

AngelEleven, Nov 21 2015

Perhaps one of these... http://www.shorttra...anese-style-toilet/
I know that CATS have sometimes been trained to use a standard USA style toilet, including pressing the flush lever. A dog should be able to activate this style of toilet... [Vernon, Nov 22 2015]

Cat video https://www.youtube...watch?v=GndyKlxATQ8
As mentioned in another link. [Vernon, Nov 22 2015]

Flush cat toilet http://www.catgenie.com/
Could work off-the-shelf for a cat-sized dog [CraigD, Nov 28 2015]


       Who on earth could train a dog to use the toilet?
travbm, Nov 21 2015

       Me, I am already halfway there. My dog uses the bathroom, just misses the toilet...
AngelEleven, Nov 21 2015

       If you can train the dog to use the toilet, you can train him to flush it, too.
Toto Anders, Nov 21 2015

       Perhaps a toilet-seat-like shape set in the bathroom floor, with a load-activated flap (similar to caravan/camper chemical toilets).   

       The flap returning to its resting position would trigger a flush.   

       Both human and pet toilet could empty into a composting area, a la Clivus-Multrum. (+)
Sgt Teacup, Nov 21 2015

       This just in: I'm told that cats can be trained to use the toilet, and flush, so this could be marketed as 'Pet Pooper' or similar, with instructions on teaching both dogs and cats.
Sgt Teacup, Nov 21 2015

       //motion detector.// Yep, that's what's needed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2015

       //deposits the waste into the sewer//   

       Sp.: deposits the waste into the strong vacuum pump.
bhumphrys, Nov 21 2015

       Welcome to the Halfbakery AngelEleven. I like the doggy toilette idea, but located on the backyard.
piluso, Nov 22 2015

       I am shopping online for a Japanese style bog...perfect for the dog, not as good as back yard. My Yorkie is one of those tiny indoor dogs...1.5kg. He does go for walkies, in the hope of him making his motion deposits in the outdoors.
AngelEleven, Nov 22 2015

       Don't be fooled by the diminutive stature. Yorkshire terriers have all the aggression of a pit bull on steroids concentrated into that tiny body. They are not necessarily inside dogs, and they ARE killers ... just let them see or smell a mouse, and they're off. They can kill birds, too.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2015


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