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Foot Fixture

A low mounted sink for washing your feet
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A bathroom sink fixture mounted near the floor for washing your feet, simply placing a foot on the platform would trigger the jets of water of a pre-set temperature, or adjust the hot/cold ratio with toe operated levers.
JakePatterson, Jan 18 2002

Nightclub with footbath http://www.dnaloung...ge/log/2001/11.html
Tiled, if not jetted. Very near the end of the page. [hello_c, Jan 18 2002]


       I'm afraid I'd pee in it if I were visiting your house. *blush*
seal, Jan 18 2002

       Sounds like a modified, less specialized bidet. Odd, but I like the idea.
Guncrazy, Jan 18 2002

       Baked at many public swimming pools, minus the toe toe levers. You rinse your feet before you swim so you won't dirty the water.
snarfyguy, Jan 18 2002

       snarfyguy, do the fixtures at public swimming pools have jets like I describe, or are they just bins of stagnant water? The public pools that I have been to just have showers...
JakePatterson, Jan 18 2002

       Well, I'm not sure what you mean by "jets." The water is certainly not propelled by a jet engine, but neither is it a bin of stagnant water. It's more like a foot shower.
snarfyguy, Jan 18 2002

       snarfyguy, I was thinking of something more along the lines of multiple "jets" of water coming from different directions. By "jets" I guess I don't mean "propelled by jet engines" but rather the type of water flows such as what shower massagers or dishwashers do, which are commonly (maybe incorrectly, but whatever) called "jets." The "platform" would have bumps and holes so the water can shoot through it at the foot. I think this would more effectivly clean a foot than would a simple miniature shower.
JakePatterson, Jan 18 2002

       Sure, if the user is too lazy to turn his foot so the sole faces the nozzle, yeah. Maybe you're right...
snarfyguy, Jan 18 2002

       5 minutes searching on google, and no such beast seems to exist. There's foot shower things, but they spray down, not up. They're installed at beach/pool venues.

BTW - do a google search with

industrial "foot wash"

it's an education. Definitely not safe for work.
quarterbaker, Jan 18 2002

       Behold! EpsomSaltBlaster
Get sandblaster
Remove sand
Pour 110 lbs/50 kg of Epsom Salts into bin.
Point nozzle at bare feet
EpsomSaltBlast feet.
thumbwax, Jan 18 2002

       Should be baked in mosques; and at least one nightclub that used to be a mosque. (link.)
hello_c, Jan 18 2002

       oh, there's lots of foot baths available. And food industries use shoe baths - you have to walk through a trough of sterilizer, about 1/2" deep, to go between raw meat and cooked meat areas. But none of these have the spray upwards feature.
quarterbaker, Jan 18 2002

       Upward spraying sounds messy. Maybe better to have it in a box with foot holes.
snarfyguy, Jan 18 2002

       At the school I'm going to currently, there's one bathroom that has a foot wash station in one of the stalls in place of the toilet.
notexactly, Nov 12 2016

       One step closer to the shower that doesn't require lifting a finger.
Voice, Nov 12 2016


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