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Dolphin Chatroom Libraries

Create a low bandwidth distant communications channel for groups of dolphins with exchanged member, and crack dolphin language much faster!
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People had been trying to crack dolphin language for quite a while now, without a major breakthrough. So, if we knew how they learn a foreign language from dolphins speaking their other foreign language, -- would that dataset elucidate it for us, how we could, too?

So, here's the rationale: non-technical people had been preoccupied with telephony and IRC chats in the early Internet, telling their minds and love stories over the low-bandwidth connection.

Details in the link. :)

Mindey, Aug 27 2020

Dolphin Chatroom Libraries https://0oo.li/meth...-chatroom-libraries
-- chat portals and libraries for dolphins. [Mindey, Aug 27 2020]


       There is something unabashedly evil about giving sentient or near-sentient beings the Internet.   

       ... [+]
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2020

       Yeah, the next thing you know, they start looking at dolphin porn, and you start seeing social media posts like saying “Bottlenose Lives Matter!” “Down with Orcas!”
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2020

       // There is something unabashedly evil about giving sentient or near-sentient beings the Internet. //   

       Yes, it's called "AOL" ...
8th of 7, Aug 27 2020

       ^ Stopped in my tracks to laugh.
blissmiss, Aug 27 2020

       "Today is a good day for someone else to ... laugh ..."   

       // “Orca Lives Matter!” //   

       Who are you then, Sauron the Dark Lord of Barad-Dûr... ?
8th of 7, Aug 27 2020

       You think Sauron gives a flying flip about orcs? He's trying to stir up a war, so that he gets reelected in the chaos. I'm voting for Ungoliant. With that many legs, she can multitask.
RayfordSteele, Aug 28 2020

       // With that many legs, she can multitask //   

       We have no objection to her building a World Wide Web; we, as an Evil Collective Hegemonizing Swarm, welcome your new arachnid Overlady*.   

       *Not entirely sure if that's a proper word, but there must be a female antonym for "Overlord", shirley ?
8th of 7, Aug 28 2020

       No, we mean a proper English word, not some made-up gibberish from a bunch of bog-trotters and heather-munchers.   

       Heavens, man, you'll be suggesting there's a french word for it next, though since the filth frogs haven't lorded it over anyone since Corporal N got his hemorrhoid-infested posterior royally kicked by the the boy Arthur W. in 1815, it's probably fallen out of use and been forgotten, or edited out by the academy francis from sheer embarrasment.
8th of 7, Aug 28 2020

       How would the physical implementation be realised because I just imagined junky dolphins trapped next to the interface, jonesing for the next mysterious pod communique.
wjt, Aug 29 2020

       I'm pretty sure "overlord" is a gender neutral word.
Voice, Aug 29 2020

       Lordette, from the Greek 'Lordeticlastes' denoting flailing one within an inch of one's life.   

       Okay I just made that up but still...   


       // “Disarm the Orcas!”   

       Lifeguard buoys with a horizontal section to bite and hold, covering snouts for more impactful defense. Self-charging from the sun, and responding in ultrasound and light to specific whistles, working like lighthouses, and distress signal emitters, randomly distributed in the seas, that dolphins can pick up and carry to secure perimeters and report issues, like helpless humans lost in the open seas, and anything suspicious...
Mindey, Aug 30 2020

       Dolphins can be bloody gits, killing small sharks and such just for fun. They're the gangsta teenagers of the ocean.
RayfordSteele, Aug 30 2020

       //not some made-up gibberish//   

       That reminds me - must order new lenses for my gallowglasses, and a new font for my kerns. BRB ...
pertinax, Aug 31 2020


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