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Dolphin Innovation Challenge

Create an innovation challenge and save dolfins.
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You are a very smart dolphin, but your friends are not as extremely smart as you are. Your challenge is to invent an effective survival strategy that your friend dolphins could pick up, and get a revolutionary improvement in their survival potential with the streategy in the natural habitats (for example, a 10-fold increase of chances to find food, or avoid dangers, or have successful offspring).

The challenge is for humans. Anyone who comes up with a novel strategy and proves by example the effectiveness of the strategy for dolphins, gets the dolphin challenge prize.

Mindey, Apr 10 2015

Dolphin Innovation of Comparable Impact https://www.youtube...watch?v=bzfqPQm-ThU
Dolphins trick fish with mud "nets" - One Life - BBC. [Mindey, Apr 10 2015]

The Challenge. https://plus.google...I/posts/6NqiFrwyzsy
[Baking...] [Mindey, Apr 10 2015]

The Syndrome http://en.wikipedia...%80%93Kruger_effect
[normzone, Apr 10 2015]


       This is good, but I don't think I can hold my breath as long as a dolphin.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2015

       Best hypernatural survival tactic would be the same as any other critter on Earth: avoid right angles.
FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2015

       "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish"   

       title in Adam's hitchhiker series.
popbottle, Apr 11 2015

       Unfortunately, the simplest way to increase the survivability of dolphins is to shoot a lot of humans. The problem is "biomass" --total amount on Earth is RELATIVELY constant. So, the more humans, the less there can be of other life-forms, including dolphins. Remember humans EAT much of the same types of seafood that dolphins eat, so even if we don't directly kill a single dolphin, we could eventually cause all of them to starve to death.
Vernon, Apr 11 2015

       Flipper already solved this. 1: Be cute (on TV). 2: Humans will now make efforts not to kill you. 3: Humans will make little effort not to kill your direct competitors: sharks, swordfish, tuna etc. 4: In absence of fish competition, thrive! 5: Still: be cute now and then to remind humans.
bungston, Apr 11 2015


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