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Futurists: BetaLaunch

at WorldFuture 2011 in Vancouver
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This isn't really a "contest", but if they like your idea, you'll get a free registration to this Vancouver Futurist conference. (You'll still have to pay for your own travel there, though.)
jutta, Mar 17 2011

Short application form. http://wfsbetalaunch.com/apply/
[jutta, Mar 17 2011]



       If Canadians want a glimpse into the future they could just move? HA! Silly Canads! But seriously, awesome. I've always wanted to be a Futurist, if only for the coffee cup and t-shirt.
daseva, Mar 17 2011

       thanks [jutta]!!
xandram, Mar 17 2011

       How much will it cost to fly from Mongolia to Canada ?
VJW, Mar 18 2011


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