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Don't Steal Me Stickers

Crappy Branding
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If you're a car thief and you see a car with stickers for high-end stereo equipment, racing engine components, and awesome interior modifications, you're naturally inclined to try to steal that car. That's why a lot of people call these stickers "steal me" stickers. I propose stickers with crappy branding, such as Super Tech, FRAM, and AC Delco.
kevinthenerd, Jun 10 2008

Same idea, but for more than just cars: stuff_20that_20look...0not_20get_20stolen
[Amos Kito, Jun 10 2008]


       What's wrong with FRAM?
Texticle, Jun 10 2008

       FRAM filters fall apart, and even if they didn't, they're still the cheapest you can get, making them ideal as candidates for "don't steal this sh*tbox" stickers. You obviously wouldn't want to put K&N or Bosch or even WIX stickers on there if this is your goal.
kevinthenerd, Jun 10 2008

       Texticle: you get what you pay for. Check out the FRAM prices and compare them to other filters. There's a big difference.
Capt Skinny, Jun 10 2008

       I thought there'd be a leprechaun somewhere in this idea.
daseva, Jun 10 2008

       I would suggest that a lot of car thieves are aware of the cost for various pieces of car equippment, on the regular, and black market. Fram filters are known to cost less than other brands, although I suspect this isn't a great example, as used filters generally can't be sold on the black market. How about "Stock"
ye_river_xiv, Jun 10 2008

       I think *no filter* would sum it up nicely.
xandram, Jun 10 2008

       Ok, I won't steal your hot-rodded Civic because of the stickers. But is it ok for me to steal it because it's a hot-rodded Civic and I can find a high school kid somewhere that'll give me three times it's value because it looks cool and has a wing on the back?
Noexit, Jun 10 2008

       No. And it's not okay to take advantage of stupid high school kids.   

       Where the fuck do they get the money to buy all of that crap?
nomocrow, Jun 10 2008

       They steal any money that doesn't have crappy brand stickers on the bills.   

       How about "Police Aware" right across the windscreen, with a little bit peeling off on one corner?
Ling, Jun 10 2008

       Or you could just have a turbocharger and a decent sound system and do without the neon lights, the brand stickers, the 6 inch diameter exhaust pipe and the huge wing that's too big for formula 1. That would look pretty much like a normal car, with about the same chances of being stolen as a normal car. But it would be pretty fast.
Bad Jim, Jun 10 2008

       I still read this as: "Don't steal me knickers". Must be me, not big, not clever.
4whom, Jun 10 2008

       . . but extremely funny
Bad Jim, Jun 10 2008

       I'm with 4whom. I, for one, am sick and tired of these young punks cruising all around town with giant tags proclaiming thier undergarment brand preference hanging out of thier trousers. If wanted to know what designer-label boxer shorts they were wearing, I'd bloody well pull thier pants down meself!   

       But I don't, so I won't.   

       At any rate, I have come to be of the opinion that, were these oversized tags to be abolished, the rate of designer-underwear theft would fall dramatically, to the betterment of high-school kids everywhere. Honestly, if you want to have a premium sound system and a high-flow cool air intake installed in your bloomers, that's your choice, but for Dog's sake, don't wlak around advertising it!!
Alterother, Jun 13 2008

       I guess this idea would break down if you see a rat-shape car with "FRAM" and "RaceTrac 87" stickers rolling down the street revving up like a sport bike with that clean Formula 1 sound of a well-tuned engine. It would just call attention to the contrast.
kevinthenerd, Jun 22 2008


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