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Dry-erase bumper sticker

Magnetic dry-erase strip for personalized messages
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Does it really need a description?
dt, Apr 28 2003

Scrolling LED Display http://cgi.ebay.com...em#ebayphotohosting
I'd rather have one of these in the back window. Change the text as you drive - tell off that tailgater [Capt Skinny, Jun 10 2008]


       [mrburns] I had a magnetic bumper sticker on my car for quite some time and never had it fall off.

the only problem I have with this is the extra time required to make sure that an apropriate message is displayed.
ato_de, Apr 28 2003

       Mr. Burns, I presume that is why it is called DRY-ERASE.
dt, Apr 28 2003

       DT, Pure genius. I suppose some kind of plastic film covering would be a good idea, to avoid the ink run scenario.
mahatma, Apr 28 2003

       Also it'll become a popular recreation to wander car parks amending people's messages.
oneoffdave, Apr 28 2003

       Yet another idea that's been lost to the ravages of time.
phoenix, Apr 28 2003

       It's not that expensive to have a custom bumper sticker made, and a dry erase one like you suggested would likely be changed to something idiotic by someone else.
Eulogic, Apr 28 2003

       ... by someone using a permanent marker, no doubt.
waugsqueke, Apr 28 2003

       Apart from water, there is another problem: if it's written in dry-erase, and you're rear-ended, the ink will wipe off.
igirl, Apr 28 2003

       The marker attachment is the trick. Few people have a dry erase marker handy, and you need to attach it safely while maintaining accessibility.   

       I'm waiting for a punk to come up with a Sharpie.
kevinthenerd, Jun 10 2008

       Remove the description and I'll bun it...
Voice, Jun 10 2008


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