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Hypocritical Bumper Sticker

"I hate bumper stickers. (I hate hypocrites, too.)"
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Sure, the "I hate bumper stickers" bumper sticker is already baked, but this one goes just a wee bit further.
XSarenkaX, Nov 04 2003

Did I hear a call for a list? http://www.funny2.com/bumper.htm
***snort*** [dentworth, Oct 18 2007]

I baked this! http://www.zazzle.c...-128778888175538947
Wanna buy one? [XSarenkaX, May 18 2008]


       "I hate being hated by haters of hatred."
RayfordSteele, Nov 04 2003

       "I hate hypocritical bumper stickers"
DrCurry, Nov 04 2003

       "I Bump Critical Hyposticker Haters"
lintkeeper2, Nov 04 2003

       "I Stick The Crit To Typical Hipo Haters" ... wait
Letsbuildafort, Nov 04 2003

       I thought this was going to be like "Sierra Club" or "Keep <whatever> green" stickers on SUV's...
sophocles, Nov 04 2003

       I'm not sure, bliss, but I don't hate hippo
Letsbuildafort, Nov 04 2003

       "Please don't hate me for hating you."
Overpanic, Nov 04 2003

       It's not prejudice if you hate everyone equally.   

       Nope, that's misanthropy.
DrCurry, Nov 04 2003

       "Death to all drivers"
squeak, Nov 05 2003

       Heh, [bliss] - the hippocritic oath.
PeterSilly, Nov 05 2003

       "My other car has a bumber sticker describing this one."
Godot, Nov 05 2003

       Hey, what time do you call this, then?! I've been waiting for you.
squeak, Nov 05 2003

       Mine would just say "I love my Chevrolet," and be plastered on a Ford.
stringstretcher, Nov 05 2003

       "Let me through, I'm a bloody Doctor!"   

       (Hippocratic Oath Bumper Sticker).
egbert, Nov 05 2003

       //I've been waiting for you.//   

       [squeak], you're not the only one. If we followed [Godot] around claiming to have waited for him do you think he'll eventually change his username?
k_sra, Nov 05 2003

       Misread as "hyper-critical" bumper stickers.   

       You're 0.2% over the speed limit
Don't forget to dot every 'i'
The crease in your left pants leg is not straight.
krelnik, Nov 05 2003

       "If you can read this, then i hate you."
dreamweaver, Nov 05 2003

       "Tailgating makes you fat."
Letsbuildafort, Nov 05 2003

       "If you can read this, you're smarter than me"
phundug, Nov 05 2003

       Maybe the hippocritic oath is something that senior doctors take before they examine other doctors? "Call *that* a lobotomy?"
PeterSilly, Nov 05 2003

       "Horn Broken ... Watch For Finger"
al 'night long', Nov 06 2003

       Warning - Bumper missing.
dobtabulous, Nov 06 2003

       Honk if you hate surveys.... 1 time for strongly against,.. to 10 times for strongly in favour
q2cannonfodder, Nov 06 2003

       anarchy rules! and I vote!
GnoLackawitz, Dec 29 2003

       There's nobody behind me.
Learn to read
Learn to drive
Let me overtake you

       Disclaimer: The above statements are not hypocritical.
marklar, Oct 18 2007

       "I'm not racist. I hate everyone!"
Jscotty, Oct 18 2007

       "I don't want to be hypocritical, so I'll criticize you more."
bungston, Oct 18 2007

       "If you can read this, Thwoudnh jeorhdu Meogopa."
dbsousa, Oct 18 2007

       Keep honking- I'm reloading.
dentworth, Oct 18 2007

       Imagine one of those peeing Calvin stickers on the rear window. But he's peeing on a peeing Calvin sticker. That sticker is peeing on a peeing Calvin sticker. That sticker is... well, you get it.
Noexit, Oct 18 2007

       There are two things I despise - prejudice, and the Dutch.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 19 2007

       I had a bumper sticker once that started a fight. One morning, traffic was not moving at all and I noticed the woman in the car behind me reading my bumper sticker out loud to her male companion (read her lips, I did). An argument ensued, I guess over how each of them interpreted the message, and I think she actually punched him. I soon lost sight of them when traffic started moving again.   

       The bumper sticker simply said "People who think they know it all really annoy those of us who do".
Canuck, Oct 19 2007

       Seen on a bumper sticker- "I'd rather be driving."
Jscotty, Oct 19 2007

       Hypothetical Bumper Sticker
zen_tom, Oct 19 2007

       i'm with [zen]. what if a bumper sticker were to...
k_sra, Oct 19 2007

       "I hate hate." - Grouchy Smurf
XSarenkaX, Dec 14 2007

       For Kentucky: "If you can, read this."
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2007

       I don't hate hypocritical bumper stickers, but I hypo stick critical bump haters.
doctorremulac3, Dec 15 2007

       This is kind of like those SUVs with the "Hybrid" stickers on them.
Spacecoyote, Dec 15 2007

       Very cool, XSarenkaX
blissmiss, May 18 2008

       "I'm not really an actor, I just play one on TV"
FlyingToaster, May 18 2008

       I think the one I saw the other day was more Ironic than Hypocritical, but it had a big "04" next to a picture of "Dubya" and then it said:   

       "W stands for the Working Class" - yeah, right.
Zimmy, May 19 2008

       "This bumper sticker exploits the illiterate"
MikeD, May 19 2008

       I'd want "My other car is a Civic" plastered on a Lamborghini.
kevinthenerd, Jun 22 2008

       me too, or any other bumper sticker on a Lamborghini
jellyfisherman, Jun 22 2008

       "My other car was rear-ended by someone who spent too much damn time reading my bumper sticker and not watching the road"   

       on the front of my car: "If you can read this you are about to die in a car crash"
jellyfisherman, Jun 22 2008

       My car IS a Civic AND was rear-ended by someone who should have been paying attention. Whether it was because she was reading bumpber stickers on someone's car, I don't know...
XSarenkaX, Jun 26 2008


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