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Don't Tread On Me!

Stuff that squeals *before* it gets squished
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All too many expensive items crunch underfoot. Fitting them with low voltage proximity sensors will avoid that. They will, of course, need resets, so your spectacles, for example, don't constantly emitted a high-pitched whine while you are wearing them. Perhaps we will have the noise cut off on actual contact.

[And perhaps we'll put the factory in New Hampshire.]

DrCurry, Aug 27 2002


       Too noisy? Is that because of all the poor arachnids yelling "Don't squish me!"
Jinbish, Aug 27 2002

       Strain gages are relatively cheap and could alert you as you are doing some squeezing. Harder to predict the act, but easier to scream during it!
Willie333, Sep 29 2005

       Could this also work for my cats tail rather then my legs being shredded after the event? (+)
gorjabuble, Sep 30 2005

       I like this idea. There could be a problem with making it small and cheap enough so that the prevented damage makes it worth the effort, though.
Saruman, Jun 04 2006


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