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Shut The Hell Up watch

When someone just wont shut up
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Its a simple watch that looks like an ordinary watch that when you press the hidden button on the side, an ear-piercing yell saying "SHUT THE HELL UP" comes out of it, for those situations where youve just had enough.
drummer37, Dec 26 2005


       <presses hidden button>
rainbow, Dec 26 2005

       Why do you need a watch to do this? Put an apostrophe in 'won't' and remove the space between 'ear-' and 'piercing'.   

       What [rainbow] said.
dbmag9, Dec 27 2005

       Apostrophes in "its" and "youve" would be nice.
Texticle, Dec 27 2005

       If your watch breaks, what will you use?   Assertiveness?
reensure, Dec 28 2005

       rainbow, db and texticle - very harsh - see pedantry...   

       drummer37 can you not dream up some daft ideas to do with music? (that you clearly like) Meanwhile, just ignore the fishbones and keep going - those boys/girls/whatever they are, should have been born as mackerel. giving you a +
xenzag, Dec 28 2005

       I'd like to install these speakers in every subway, movie theater, and restaurant. You carry a remote control with you so you can activate them when needed.
phundug, Dec 28 2005

       I can see where this would actually have a function.
shapu, Dec 30 2005

       hmmm. shades of Dave Chappelles "Wrap-it-up" box.
anaeleus, Jan 11 2006


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