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Donald Trumpometer

Donald Trump wind speed guage anemometer
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The traditional anemometer comprises of three revolving cups which the passing wind causes to spin. This gives a reading, but it doesn't provide much useful visual information for the average citizen, who might be looking out of their home to determine just how windy it is before venturing out.

The Donald Trumpometer solves this problem.

Everyone must have seen Donald Trump's hilarious comb-over hair and what happens to it when it gets caught by unexpected gusts of wind. This is the basis of the Donald Trumpometer.

It's a simple apparatus comprising of a replica Trump head, that features a substantial comb-over hair flap. As the wind speed increases, the comb-over is blown to one side, resistance being provided by a sprung hinge.

Attached to the head is a calibrated gauge indicating the actual wind speed. ie the more the hair flap blows over, the greater the measurement. When the wind dies down the hinge returns the comb-over to its resting position.

Other weather powered Trump devices under development.

xenzag, May 22 2011

(?) Donald Trump http://newsthreat.c...04/donald-trump.jpg
early prototype in action [xenzag, May 22 2011]



       The Trump as a windspeed unit of measure. Perfect.
squeak, May 22 2011

       Marilyn Monroe up-draught meter?
spidermother, May 22 2011

       We thought this would measure emissions of hot air, but [+] anyway.
8th of 7, May 22 2011

       Perfect use for him, right after the beheading...oh wait, you meant a replica, shucks...
blissmiss, May 22 2011

       [blissmiss] you should write to him with that suggestion; the value of his estate would be much increased if his head were auctioned off (after he died of natural causes, of course). Some wealthy individual could impress their friends by having the unique, *authentic* trumpometer, unlike those knock-off, imitation trump-heads other people use to measure wind velocity.   

       On second thought, maybe you shouldn't write to him.
mouseposture, May 22 2011

       A true Donald Trompometer would be a device similar to an earhorn into which he would speak and the bloviating would be directed straight to the comb-over. The movement of hair-flap could be correlated to the mindlessnes fo the muttering
fried dwight, May 22 2011


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