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Famous Exact Inches

A lapel as long as a forgotten tiger's ear
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Did you know that this two volume History of Religious Lunatics set is exactly the same width as the current Pope's head? This sort of fact will be literally at your finger tips when you are using 10zag's new Famous Exact Inches measuring tape (religious edition)

This is because along the entire length of the tape are printed a series of measurements gleaned by our team of researches from diverse and devious sources.

For example: I now know that the lapel of my favourite leather jacket is exactly the same length as the outstretched left ear of the first tiger shot dead at Tikanpur during the Royal visit by Queen Victoria to Gwalior in December 1905 (obscure Royalty statistics edition) Worth knowing of course!

No matter what measurement you make, a Famous Exact Inches tape will present you with a precise match, from one of our hundreds of editions.

xenzag, Apr 25 2008

I hope this will be one of the comparison points...? http://www.straight...columns/040102.html
[DrCurry, Apr 25 2008]

Inside leg 36" ?.... http://www.npl.co.u...?show=ConWebDoc.564
Same as from the tip of Henry I's nose to his fingertip - by definition [coprocephalous, Apr 25 2008]


       Re. Napoleon link. If you were a student surgeon, dissecting the famous leader's organ of procreation as an exercise, and it was in an erect state, would you be entitled to call your professor on completion with these words: "Napoleon's bone's apart"?
xenzag, Apr 25 2008


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