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Donner, Blitzen & Götterdämmerung

Unholy Shit!
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Distant thunder muttered briefly in the still, foetid air. I sensed, rather than heard, the low frequency sound.

Slowly, with increasing menace, the sounds of tempest and violence drew nearer. I resolved to hurry up and seek shelter.

Alas! All too soon, the storm was upon me! Thunder crashed! Lightning flashed! In fear for my life I dived low, still naked from the waist down.

Beneath the cubicle wall I could see the crazy halfbaker in the stall next door, tending a massive sound system and a van de Graaf generator, from which monstrous purple sparks were arcing to every tap and metal fitting in the public toilet block.

Gradually, the "storm" eased and the sound of thunder again became muted and distant.

UnaBubba, Jan 22 2013


       Shit happens when you're half naked, [bella].
UnaBubba, Jan 22 2013

       That's why I posted it under Public:Terrorism, [bella]
UnaBubba, Jan 22 2013


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