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Doo-wop Code

Clandestine communication disguised a music
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The Doo-wop code is a secret form of communication in which every letter of the alphabet is replaced by a cryptic syllable. The alphabet would be coded as:

Dop Nah Dep Ding Ah Hop Scoo Doh Yeh Me Shop Bom Be She Doo Shoo Mmm Dook Boop Pop Bop Hey Wop Dow How Oh

To communicate using the Doo-wop code, you spell out your message by singing the syllables in down-tempo swing-time. Anyone listening will think that you're practicing the bass part for an a cappella doo-wop group, and not even realize that you're sending a coded message.

Here's an example:

Pop doh yeh boop
Yeh boop
Boop ah dep dook ah pop
Be ah boop boop dop scoo ah

AO, Mar 25 2004

Revised Phonetic Alphabet http://www.halfbake...Phonetic_20Alphabet
Could be easily adapted. Hoop Eoop Loop Loop Oooop! [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       Mr. Bass Man, you've got that certain somethin'
Mr. Bass Man, you set that music thumpin'
To you it's easy when you go 1-2-3, d-d-b-bop-a-bop

       Mr. Bass Man, you're on all the songs
B-did-did-a-boom-boom, B-dit-dit-a-boom-boom-bom)
Hey Mr. Bass Man, you're the hidden King of
Rock 'n' Roll, d-d-b-bop-a-bop
(Bass voice: No no, b-b-BOP-p-p-bop bop bop...)

       It don't mean a thing when the lead is singin'
Or when he goes "Hi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yah"
Mr. Bass Man, I'm askin' just one thing:

       Will you teach me? Yeah, the way you sing?
'Cause Mr. Bass Man, I wanna be a bass man too
po, Mar 25 2004

       "This is Big Jay McNeely, do you copy; Over."
"Buddy Bailey, this is Big Jay McNeely, do you copy, over."
Letsbuildafort, Mar 25 2004

       But if you're requested to spell out your sectret message on a bad connection:   

       Pop doh yeh boop, etc. becomes shoo-doo-shoo ah-doo-doh how-ah-doh nah-doo-doo-shoo, etc.   

       And if you're then asked to even spell that out:   

       shoo-doo-shoo, etc. becomes boop-doh-doo-doo - ding-doo-doo - boop-doh-doo-doo, etc.   

       And if ...
FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2004

       Scat steganography?   

       I alway hoped that 'A wop bop a loo bop A lop bam boo' might mean something, though.
st3f, Mar 25 2004

       it does! someone enlighten him!
po, Mar 25 2004

       This rather reminds me of Mickey The Fish's idea for revising the phonetic alphabet (see link). Just replace each letter with an awoop boop coop doop etc.
kropotkin, Mar 25 2004

       So who DID put the bop in the bop shoo-wop shoo-wop?
spiritualized, Jul 16 2004

       Same dude what put the ram in the ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong, presumably.
half, Jul 16 2004


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