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Doomed Armada Cereal

Sinking Corn Fleets
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Captain Diego Sanchez wet his thumb and decided that today would be a calm day on the western Mediterranean. But then, the waters turned white and thick and his ships began to sink by some kind of absorption. The once-proud ships now listing every which way looked helpless, as though god could drive a spoon through the merciless clouds, lift up a half-sodden ship, and eat it whole, crunching the dry parts.

The cereal would be little ships made of corn with a block of sugar and denser corn material at the keel so that the ships would tend to remain upright. Some parts of the ship would be indiscriminately waxed with some slightly-waterproof edible coating, such that only some portions of a given ship would take on milk. That way, the ship would begin to list or tilt, so that every bite has some wet parts and some crunchy parts until the little ships finish sinking.

The regular cereal has 18th century ships, but you can buy US destroyers and aircraft carriers in specially marked boxes. A box of submarines can be ordered online-- these sink immediately, but remain dry and crunchy on the inside. Oil tankers can also be ordered online. When placed in milk, they will leak a chocolate stain from a central holding chamber that employs a kind of edible gel-capsule liquid retention technology. You can't buy the liquid natural gas tankers because those might explode.

Ketchupybread, Nov 16 2008

Toilet_20Fleet ahoy there!!!.... from toilet bowl to cereal bowl [xenzag, Nov 16 2008, last modified Nov 21 2008]

Jaws_3a_20The_20breakfast_20cereal A bowl of "Doomed Armada Cereal" with a sprinkle of "Jaws: The breakfast cereal" would be interesting. [hippo, Nov 17 2008]

google french military victories http://politicalhum...litaryvictories.htm
[po, Jan 30 2009]

Vegan Foodstuffs http://www.vegcooki...king-gelatinalt.asp
Vegan, Kosher, substitutes for gelatin and marshmallow are to be found. [reensure, Feb 03 2009]

Commander Crisp http://pbfcomics.co...Commander_Crisp.jpg
Reminded me of this... [Cuit_au_Four, Oct 12 2009]


       Ooooh. Can we have Pop-rock depth charges, can we huh?   

       This is actually a highly marketable product idea ....... [+]   

       For Sunday mornings, you could have a bowl shaped just like Pearl Harbour .....
8th of 7, Nov 16 2008

       Class. I shall make a bowl shaped like the Solent.
wagster, Nov 16 2008

       Doomed Armada - now with pink marshmallow giant squid!
bungston, Nov 17 2008

       //Free inside! Set of miniature toy plastic lawn bowls// Wat
Voice, Nov 17 2008

       Free inside! One beard, one match!
Mony a Mickle, Nov 17 2008

       Free Kraken in every box!!!
hippo, Nov 17 2008

       If you buy the WW1 German version, does it lurk in the box and only come out once in four years ?
8th of 7, Nov 17 2008

       Free inside! That evil genius's underwater base from The Spy Who Loved Me!
hippo, Nov 17 2008

       \\pink marshmallow giant squid\\, \\kraken\\ I'll have cthulu for breakfast
zeno, Nov 17 2008

       + Nice...and I have a cereal idea pending, but not as cool as this!
xandram, Nov 17 2008

       Avast and set sail for Weetabix Reef, ye scurvy sons of ladies of negotiable affection, arrrrr. [+]
coprocephalous, Nov 17 2008

blissmiss, Nov 17 2008


       My vote for best idea of 2008.
doctorremulac3, Nov 17 2008

       this would be awesome, especially if you had a laser grid over the milk, put the box between you and your brother/sister and play battleship.
Arcanus, Nov 18 2008

       I'll have the "Biremes & Triremes" cereal please. +
DrBob, Nov 18 2008

       + If you liked our Doomed Armada Cereal, You'll love our Doomed Armada Soup Crackers!
Zimmy, Nov 18 2008



       Titanic (should crack into two pieces as it sinks).   


kamathln, Nov 20 2008

       kamikaze dried fruit sprinkles?
Voice, Nov 21 2008

       Could you really tell 18th century ships from any other ship when they're made of corn?
phundug, Nov 21 2008

       sp: Seareal
Jinbish, Nov 21 2008

       Cereal killer?
theleopard, Nov 21 2008

       Sugar keels? Sugarless Catamarans!
Steamboat, Nov 26 2008

       Love it so much that I could just eat it.
quantum_flux, Jan 30 2009

       Natural Gas tanker cerial could just simply be a shaped coco-pops varient... that sinks
xxobot, Jan 31 2009

       Can I vote for this again please?
DrBob, Feb 01 2009

       //Some parts of the ship would be indiscriminately waxed with some slightly-waterproof edible coating, such that only some portions of a given ship would take on milk//   

       Gelatin (like that used in gelatin capsules), isn't water-proof, but just might slow the up-take of water just long enough for fun. Plus, it's nearly pure protein, colorless, and tasteless.
Wily Peyote, Feb 02 2009

       Ahead, all full ...   

       Sounds great!   Ships in little sugar bottles, please.
reensure, Feb 03 2009

       // do Catholic vegetarians take the holy sacraments?//
And what about the teetotalers?
coprocephalous, Feb 03 2009

       sp. 16th century ships, Shirley? 1588, woznit - or, if not, what *did* happen in 1588?
pertinax, Feb 03 2009

       Yes, hit a rock on the way home from a successful battle against the French, IIRC; no 'armada', in the narrowest (i.e., Spanish) sense, was involved.
pertinax, Feb 04 2009

       The Mary Celeste floats around for a couple of minutes then disappears when you turn your back. Siblings are blamed.
hidden truths, Feb 19 2009

       Could have nuclear submarines which, when the hull has dissolved, release their core of lemmon poprocks.
placid_turmoil, Feb 19 2009

       You could blow on them to make them move
simonj, Jul 23 2010


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