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Toilet Fleet

Toilet Ships
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Toilet Fleet are miniature ships that you drop into your WC where they float about. If left alone they slowly dissolve over a period of days, from the bottom of their hulls up, cleaning and refreshing the bowl. They can do this because of their compressed, eco-friendly constituents. The dissolving action creates a small propulsion force, making them move around.

You can put in one at a time or leave a whole convoy, of merchant ships or a yacht regatta.

xenzag, Jul 22 2007

Your competitor _22ScrubBot_20can_20handle_20it_22
Not [theircompetitor] [normzone, Jul 22 2007]


       Do you put them in the tank or bowl of the WC?
ed, Jul 22 2007

       The bowl shall be their ocean of limited wandering, with narry an isle of refuge.
xenzag, Jul 22 2007

       What prevents them from being flushed down the drain and/or clogging the trap?
ed, Jul 22 2007

       "they dissolve over a period of days"   

       there's your problem, should either dissolve over a period of hours, or be left to sail around the tank.
dentworth, Jul 22 2007

       //What prevents them from being flushed down the drain and/or clogging the trap?// - you tie them to the optional extra rim bollards of course.
xenzag, Jul 22 2007

       Have you ever approached a toilet and noticed the water pulsing up and down like a seiche? What causes that? Can the phenomenon be harnessed somehow?   

       These ships you speak of would serve admirably as splash disrupters, altough I fear they would become dirty above the waterline. Subsequent patrons may be greeted by a faecal flotilla.
Texticle, Jul 23 2007

       Well, I have to vote (+) simply for rim bollards.
normzone, Jul 23 2007

       You could call it the S.S. Plomb (or H.M.S. Plomb, if you like)
globaltourniquet, Jul 23 2007

       [texticle], the answer to your question is no. Try having less to drink.
normzone, Jul 23 2007

       "Hard a-port helmsman, DEPTHCHARGERS!!"
marklar, Jul 23 2007

       [Textile], I know exactly what you're talking about, I think it's from the gravitational forces of the moon, but I could be wrong.   

       What does "WC" mean?   

       Where am I expected to go when I need to go? I can't hold it for a period of days.
BJS, Jul 23 2007

       WC = Water Closet
marklar, Jul 23 2007

       You could hold the Americas Dump.
skinflaps, Jul 23 2007

       Pastry, for introducing the concept of a "faecal flotilla".
ed, Jul 24 2007

       [Texticle] This is caused by the wind blowing over the vent pipe above the roof. The pressure in the vent pipe pulses and the water level rises and falls to match the pressure difference. The vent pipe is what allows sewer gas to escape without bubbling up through your wc and allows water to flow through drain pipes without that annoying glug glug sound.
cblunds, Jul 24 2007

       Bun for [skinflaps] anno. [+]
nuclear hobo, Jul 24 2007

       Bizarrely, nobody has mentioned the battle of Trafalgar.
marklar, Jul 24 2007

       Thanks [cblunds]. I had thought it was due to massive surges / orgiastic aligator activity in the main sewer pipe. Wrong again.
Texticle, Jul 24 2007

       Why is my screenname being dragged through the toilet?
theircompetitor, Jul 24 2007


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