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This is really just so I can get a bun from [k_sra]
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I'm tired of ding-dong when my doorbell rings. Instead of a doorbell I want a doorfog, which triggers a fog generator when someone is at the door. Having different colors could be linked the the phone, the dryer, the microwave, and linked to the HB to let me know someone's commented on my idea.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003


       + triffic. This would mean that my house guests could arrive in a "Stars in their Eyes" stylee.
jonthegeologist, Sep 19 2003

       Is that the HB fog I see? Thanks [jtg].
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       I think you should get a room before you let [k_sra] give you a bun.   

oxen crossing, Sep 19 2003

       Yet you bun me out in the open, hypocrite.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       would the fog be black & smelly if someone gave you a fishbone? + bunion
bigtxgrandma, Sep 19 2003

       How I would dread the autoboner. Although I don't think smelly fish sent would be a great idea, it would be nice to have the scent of freshly baked croissants.   

       That actually sounds good. [jutta], what's your custard recipe?
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       + Good for parties. You may need to employ wafting fans to get the fog upstairs.
AO, Sep 19 2003

       Well then, here ya go. *plop* +   

       <light green fog spills into [World]'s room>
k_sra, Sep 19 2003

       [AO] Or have it start from upstairs, and have it gently roll down.   

       [k] Ah, the rewards of following proper proceedures. Though I had imagined croissant fog to be a light tan.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       Dyslexic people often return from the store to find they've bought Doorfog instead of Dogfood.
phundug, Sep 19 2003

       No, that would have been the trombone playing bullfrog, emitting a chicken smell.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003


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