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<DING POOT> "Honey? Can you get that?"
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Most doorbells are so BORING nowadays. Why not liven up the action with TheFartKnocker? Your door will be the conversation piece of the neighborhood!

"Hey, Jimmy! Did you hear Bob's new door?"

"Uh...no...Should I have?"

"YEAH! It sounds like someone breaking wind!"


And so the parade of neighbors to your humble abode begins!

gb2000, Jun 03 2002

don't know who Bob is but he has a recordable one http://www.tophole....rve.co.uk/doorbell/
[po, Jun 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

New York Party Penthouse http://www.audiovid...2_interiors02.shtml
Push-button entertainment complete with special effects [phoenix, Jun 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Doorbell for dogs http://www.smarttec...product=toys_li5073
Not the same thing, but one of those ideas I can't believe no one on the Halfbakery thought of. [pottedstu, Jun 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Doorbell w/message recorder http://eztone.net/rc4336.htm
Here's one with a microphone jack which lets you record a 10 sec message! [wbeaty, Dec 01 2005]

IR doorbell http://www.american...himeco.com/mm1.html
Here's another, with 20sec recorder and passive infrared "people detector" [wbeaty, Dec 01 2005]

Message repeater plays WAV file http://www.siliconc...101546/article.html
This one is PROJECT PLANS ONLY, from siliconchip.au magazine. Make a PCB, solder in parts, download their exe driver, etc. [wbeaty, Dec 01 2005]


       this *has* to be baked - not in our dignified country though (thats England [sctld] )
po, Jun 03 2002

       Um...Dignified? YOU wanted to be Dipsy! Yikes...
gb2000, Jun 03 2002

       Be sure it rings "Ding-Poot" and not accidentally "Ding-Dung".
phoenix, Jun 03 2002

       PO: Not to start a flame-war, but you really were asking for it...
gb2000, Jun 03 2002

       Ah, fond memories. This reminds me of my happy childhood days in DIY stores where me and my sister would spend many hours repeatedly trying out all the doorbells on display.
pottedstu, Jun 03 2002

       you a scot too gb? (f.o.j.)
po, Jun 03 2002

       can you alter the sound depending on your gastrointestinal mood? some chirpy, semi-dignified little toots one day, big juicy whoppers the next....
china, Jun 03 2002

Al_w, Jun 04 2002



       "I'll get it!!!"
non-eatable, Aug 12 2002

       I would contest that mfd. This is not a pun. There is a valid idea here, and you not liking silly fart humour isn't enough of a reason to constitute an mfd, I'm afraid.
yamahito, Aug 13 2002

       I modified my doobell (actually a video intercom) so that it plays the opening bars of "The Imperial March" from Star Wars ....... I couldn't find a programmable doorbell anywhere so I had to build one.   

       I think that this is a valid idea, so sorry BinaryCookies but I also have to dispute your MFD, and I will award a croissant. After all, it doesn't have to make a farting noise (which is admittedly childish, but also funny to those who have had their sense of humour surgically excised).   

       A doorbell you can download .WAV files into via (say) 802.11b would be good.
8th of 7, Aug 13 2002

       Fart doorknocker! That made me laugh! But what if someone knocked on their door and inside someone wondered who did the fart? That is one of the problems that you would have to overcome initially. But that idea deserves a croissant.
smokeyjohnson, Aug 13 2002

       no longer can you blame it on the dog but the door
gorjabuble, Dec 02 2005

       Does the name of this invention come from "Beavis & Butthead"? I seem to remember Butthead would call Beavis this name on a regular basis...
Minimal, Dec 02 2005


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