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A plastic thingy that holds the door open and doesn't let you slam it on your uncle's fingers
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Like my niece did. Also, now you don't need to open the door all the way into traffic when you want to get out on that side, because the doorstay holds the door open just enough to let your legs out, and if it breaks, just buy a new one (hopefully this time before someone slams the door on your finger). An aggressive advertising campaign will see to it that only the people inside the remove the doorstay.
pashute, Mar 11 2018

Prior art: Anti slamming door Anti-Slamming door
Warning: It hurts to even read the title. [pashute, Mar 11 2018]


       Slam the door on your niece's fingers.   

       It will be a valuable learning experience and she is less likely to do it again, particularly if you do it hard enough - in which case you can keep the fingers as souvenirs.
8th of 7, Mar 12 2018

       like my 11yr old niece did to me... :-(
pashute, Mar 15 2018


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