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Doorstep Split Delivery Package

Inspired by the ingenious (if violent) solution a package delivery company demonstrated on my doorstep.
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Most of you are probably familiar with the problems of getting things delivered at home. You spend most of the day at work, away from home. You shop online and buy products to be delivered. The supplier of these products, much as you would shop around for the best deal, sources the cheapest delivery company who, because it's cheaper to employ people during normal working hours try to deliver during the day.

Now this works fine for things that fit through the letter box and it doesn't for things that don't. But what about those things (books, CD~s, DVD~s etc) that will fit through the letter box individually but, because we're all trying to save money, we order to be delivered as one package?

Enter the Doorstep Split Delivery Package. Each item you have ordered is minimally packaged and each individually labelled with your address (a tracking number and barcode wouldn't go amiss, either), but are packaged together in an additional reusable layer — think heavy duty zip lock plastic bag or transparent plastic box. The delivery guy or girl opens the case on the doorstep and pushes the individual items through the letter box, throwing the additional packing in the back of the van to be re-used.

I get cheap delivery since my books, CD~s and DVD~s were trunked 99% of the way to my house as one package. The costs stay down and the delivery workers are working what are considered to be sociable hours and (maybe) a little packaging could be saved (maybe not on that last one as each item would have to be sufficiently packaged to survive the landing on the mat by the front door).

...and the inspiration for this idea? What did the delivery worker do When they found the parcel wouldn't fit through the letter box? Well, they simply pushed it so hard that it eventually did, spitting the contents through the letter box, followed by the packaging as it disintegrated. Neither book was badly damaged.

st3f, Apr 09 2010

Parcel Force http://www.parcelfo...4&mediaId=100200782
Delivery with Violence [8th of 7, Apr 09 2010]

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       I wonder if it's legal to include as special delivery instructions, "If this won't go through the mailslot, please open the package and drop the contents through one at a time"?
gisho, Apr 09 2010

       // Parcel Force? //   

       It's hard not to appreciate the irony enshrined in that name ...   

8th of 7, Apr 09 2010

       It would be funny to see a courier try to force a parcel through a mail slot in any other shape than a rectangle.
rcarty, Apr 10 2010

       [21] in the UK our *mailboxes* are mainly slits in the front door.   

       I've had to queue up for a package that couldn't go through my letterbox , well, I say that but actually if the postman had turned it around and posted lengthways, it would not have presented a problem. nice one st3f!
po, Apr 10 2010

       lol, I don't have a wall next to my door! why do you want all those phones? just interested.
po, Apr 10 2010

       no, wonder you spout so much rubbish here ... oops sorry, Twitter calls!
po, Apr 10 2010

       How many arms do you have, [21Q]?
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 10 2010

       I'm just mildly surprised he still has a gf. I'd tell someone to fo, if they trudged behind me at the grocery store playing games, chatting, and Halfbaking on their devises, and not paying attention to me. But that's just me, high maintenance, you know, like, I realllly need to be connected to the one I love.   

       Hi st3f, long time no see. I like your idea.
blissmiss, Apr 11 2010


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