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Double-Decoy Camera

Honeypot surveillance
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The aim of a (single-)decoy camera is to deter malicious behaviour in its perimeter by giving the appearance that it's real.

What would be required to *encourage* malice? Say you really wanted that vase (a christmas gift from your charming mother-in-law) stolen? But you also needed to be able to prove to your wife you didn't just lob it off the nearest bridge?

Enter the Double-Decoy Camera. Its aim is to stimulate malicious behaviour in its perimeter by giving the appearance that it's fake. It is, however, a very functional camera.

The thief's rationale is that if someone went to the trouble of installing a decoy, there must be something of value here. And if they are so cheap as to get only a decoy, there probably isn't any additional security!

Not only are you getting rid of that misbegotten piece of pottery, you'll even receive hard cash from your insurance! Your Christmas thank-you cards are sure to become more sincere.

placid_turmoil, Mar 29 2007


       But if (using the example you provide of the vase, your wife and your MiL), you want to give the impression to your wife that you're not actively trying to get the vase stolen, doesn't the installation of the double decoy camera rather give this away?
hippo, Mar 29 2007

       The DDC shouldn't look egregiously fake, just enough to give it away to someone who knows the trade. Your wife will just take it for a regular surveillance camera, and for your efforts to value family relations, she'll treat you to something nice.
placid_turmoil, Mar 29 2007

       What if she sees the packaging? You could sell decoy double-decoy camera packaging separately - So while the double-decoy camera packaging announces proudly that it is "Instantly Recognisable as fake by 99% of Nefarious Characters!" or that it's "Clinically Proven to fool most Wives", the decoy double-decoy camera packaging might suggest "Thiefproof!", "Guaranteed to Deter Vase Theft" etc. On purchase, the double-decoy camera can be unwrapped in the car on the way home, and then surreptitiously re-wrapped in the decoy double-decoy camera packaging, so that when you get home and unwrap it infront of the wife, she'll be completely taken in by your scheme.
zen_tom, Mar 05 2009

       You're right, it does need triple decoy packaging. The best solution I can think of is double wrapping -- outer layer double decoy, inner layer triple decoy. Of course this will come as a blow to people like yourself who have invested in the separate triple decoy packaging market.
placid_turmoil, Mar 06 2009


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