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Clever Camera..

Why just watch mean people? Do something useful!
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You would have thought that police would have upped the quality frames per second thingy, or get higher resolutioned cameras in those places where the crime rate is higher.. yeah, that would work I guess, but it's not very interesting. Cameras sit on the wall all day and watch nasty things or nothing happen, and when it's too late we respond. Pointless.

Or... they could follow my emergency protocol *evil smile*

Person enters store though those bleepy frames that they have nowadays to find shoplifters, but it also scans them and using a high tech verification programme that matches up the person with their personal record file in the police station uber-database thingy. It checks their criminal record and sends the info to the surveillance cameras around the store. Each camera has a complex vision thing that locks onto one person, and the lens is sort of like a spider's; each eye views a different person until he/she leaves. Actions of pinching things from shelves and robbing the tills activate a special control in the camera; a siren sounds and a metallic voice alerts everyone of the situation, using their full name for public humiliation and little model guns pop out the side to scare the target. If he/she proceeds to being evil, (actions of progression are booked to identify how to um.. identify), it gets a bit louder and alerts the police immediately. A paintball gun is lowered from the bottom and is aimed at the target's legs and arms, and it shoots. The police should have arrived by then, and when they do, they disable the control by saying something. The wave frequency of their voice is identified and matched up with them saying it before, and it doesn't have to be perfect for it to stop. The guys in uniform take it from there.

I know my protocol is not practical, so ease off the criticism a bit, please ^^

themeh, Jan 08 2007


       Can you say "Invasion of privacy"? I thought you could.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 08 2007

       ISTR that something a little like this is being deployed in England - apparently an algorythm for deducing possible "suspicious behaviour" from urban CCTVs, which will alert a human operator to have a closer squizz.   

       I'm pretty sure I don't want Coles (Tesco's/Wal-Mart) having access to criminal record databases.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007

       I thought this was an idea to have software on people's regular cameras so that when people are not using their cameras they can leave them on a window sill looking out at the street and will record movement/motion. It would be just like a security camera posse.   

       But your idea is jus' crazy, you know, it having it's own weapons and all.
twitch, Jan 13 2007


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