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Double-Hung Hammock

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This hammock doesn’t just swing from side to side but also from head to foot. Supreme relaxation is achieved when a summer breeze can rock you in any direction, and when you can propel yourself in a swaying circle.

The inner, hanging cot is like a conventional hammock, but it is attached to the widest part of a horizontal, pipe oval that encircles it. From the narrow part of the oval, a series of cords on each side join to tie to a tree or one side of a ground support. Thus the hammock, with you and your book and your drink, can swing in two directions or more.

FarmerJohn, May 03 2003

Aerial Chair http://www.designdi...65863&order_no=2&t=
A sort of hammock. [Apparently out of commercial production since the original link was posted, so this is a substitute link.] [jurist, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 02 2006]

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       Wouldn't this be rather difficult to get on to?
chud, May 03 2003

       Excellent, but I've spilled my drink.
pluterday, May 03 2003

       Wouldn't a "single-hung" hammock, similar to an innertube tire suspended with a four-point harness from a tree limb give you the maximum flexibility in omni-directional swinging? Or something like the aerial chair in the provided link?
jurist, May 03 2003

       chud: Mounting this should only include an extra step over the oval frame, compared to a conventional hammock.   

       jurist: The aerial chair would give the same freedom of movement but hardly the same sensation as reclining on a flat hammock with the center of gravity closer to the rotation axis(es).
FarmerJohn, May 03 2003

       New link appended, [Pellepeloton]. Thanks for calling it to my attention, but in the future that's what the "flag" buttons on each link are for.
jurist, Oct 02 2006


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