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DoubleDisk Electric Motor

Mini magnets electronically controlled to give graded power
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Rather than using the stator and rotator as one wheel inside another, have these two on two very close disks, with stator/rotator parts pertruding into the gap in between. The stators/rotators may be set in several alternating circles along the disks. Of course the parts do not get into each other's path once the disks begin to rotate.

Possibly if its small enough, there are no parts at all, but rather sparks or buildup of voltage.

Some possibilities follow:
a. Electornically choosing which parts to electrify and when, can give an effect similar to a gearbox, but without friction!
b. Motor can be made very thin, but be inside a wheel!
c. Motor could be used to regenerate energy from braking.
d. Perhaps stator/rotator parts can be reversed, or even intertwined. Dont ask me what for, I have not thought of anything yet.
e. Since the A in AC means Alternating, perhaps alternating current can be used to subtly move the disks each alternating cycle, forward in another movement. By controlling electronically which disk (and which part) is the stator and which the rotor, you can cause the disks to constantly move in the same direction, adding to their power as they go. Again using internal (close to center) and external stators/rotators in accordance with the speed of rotation.

Note: I put this in Product: Engine for lack of any better place... If you know of one, please tell me.

pashute, Sep 12 2006

pancake motor with new idea. http://www.motionvi...rvodisc/design.html
Uses electromagnetic forces going thru disk to accelerate [pashute, Sep 14 2006]


       This sounds a lot like a "pancake motor" to me, but maybe I'm wrong...
BJS, Sep 12 2006

       Not really, its taking the idea further. I just saw (thanks to your anno) the link on Kollmorgen ServDisk motor, which itself is an improvement over regular and pancake motors, but they don't use it to give various control by sending current to various areas on various radial distances.   

       Let me clarify, with a simplified model: disk with 3 coils at distance 5,7,9 cm from center and 3 more at distance 10,12,14 cm from center.   

       Another disk with 3 coils at distance 6,8,10 cm from center and 11,13,15.   

       Computer remote controls when each starts working with its own local battery (or curcuit from somewhere on disk.   

       If one disk is set permanently, the other will turn.   

       If more coils at same radial distance around circle, then you could start using only the 5,7,9, then as you speed up, use the 11, 13,15... Use same technology to slow down. (opposite currents).   

pashute, Sep 14 2006

       Sorry all for arguing. I was wrong. This type of motor DOES exist, and is called a Shunt Wound DC Motor or SWDC motor. But for over two years dealing with this, I never found out. So much for web searching, Wikipedia and even engineers... Found out the information at oddparts.com
pashute, Mar 20 2008


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