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Double Fuel Cell Car

Feed CNG to a MFC, and feed the hydrogen to another fuel cell
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I recently read about a molten carbonate fuel cell which was being developed to consume methane as it's fuel, and produce electricity and hydrogen as it's products, and carbon dioxide as it's waste.

The web page where this was described, suggested that it would be an ideal component of a hydrogen filling station for cars -- the station would receive methane (natural gas) from the local utility, process it with the fuel cell to make hydrogen, and sell the electricity to the electric grid.

I propose building a car with a compressed natural gas fuel tank, a fuel cell of the type I just mentioned, and a conventional hydrogen fuel cell.

The two fuel cells would be connected in the obvious way -- the hydrogen produced by the first cell would be consumed by the second.

goldbb, Feb 22 2010


       These don't sound too portable and I don't think I'd want to be in a car with both a tank or NG and a 650Deg.C reactor. Hydrogen is scary enough. (-)
MisterQED, Feb 22 2010

       1) Why is methane (NG) scarier than hydrogen?   

       2) Why would the high temperatures of the methane fuel cell be scary? Assuming, of course, that it's well insulated (with some sort of aerogel, most likely).
goldbb, Feb 23 2010


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