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Electric Flywheel Wheel

Trucks, cars and even bicycles store braking in flywheel wheel
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The EFW flywheel is an All-in-wheel: Flywheel, Continuously Variable Transmission gear, Electric Motor and wheel.

The core is the static axle around which is an electric hub motor, as in regular hub motor bicycles. Beside the motor or around it is a flywheel, which can be connected or disconnected to the wheel through a CVT and a clutch (for total braking)

Basically this is taking the Electric Flywheel Hybrid Hybrid one step further, or putting the parts of the Flywheel bicycle in one package. (See links)

pashute, Sep 30 2013

Flywheel bicycle http://www.flixxy.c...lywheel-bicycle.htm
The inspiration for this idea [pashute, Sep 30 2013]

Electric Flywheel Hybrid Hybrid The closest I could find on Halfbakery to this idea [pashute, Sep 30 2013]

bike hub with two motors
[xaviergisz, Sep 30 2013]

ring flywheel gimbal
[xaviergisz, Sep 30 2013]


       You will have too much trouble trying to make the car go around a curve. That's why all other flywheel energy-storage designs mount the flywheel horizontally, not vertically.
Vernon, Sep 30 2013

       What [Vernon] said … gyroscope effect.
8th of 7, Sep 30 2013

       The builder of the flywheel bike in the first link doesn't seem to be having any problems.
FlyingToaster, Sep 30 2013

       but maybe they're just not showing the problems...
pashute, Oct 30 2013

       So you're increasing your rolling and unsprung weights. Those are both generally frowned upon with regards to vehicle handling.
MechE, Oct 30 2013


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