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Double institutions Anti Trust Law

The problem with government institutions is that they aren't competitive, so make them
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The reason you have one army, or one court of law, or one police force etc. is because it has to be from the country. It cannot be commercial. BUT on the other hand, these institutions are always being under strict criticism, and always leaving much to desire.

In comes the double (at least) government institution law: Any institution that the government decides on must have at least two bodies headed by two separate committees and run in two separate offices. If things get dangerous (like two competing police units doing a single raid) they may establish a cooperation committee to sort out the differences in advance.

Actually two cooperation committees.

pashute, Nov 02 2002


       Could you repeat the question?
General Washington, Nov 02 2002

       Two police forces? Baked, in New York, in 1857.   

       From Herbert Asbury's "The Gangs of New York":   

       "...during the summer both police forces patrolled the city, and paid more attention to their private feud than to protecting the lives and property of the citizens. Whenever a Metropolitan [the force formed by the Governor to replace the existing force] arrested a criminal, a Municipal [loyal to the astonishingly corrupt Mayor] came along and released him, and the thug went about his business while the policemen fought... Respectable citizens were held up and robbed in broad daylight on Broadway and other principal streets, while Municipal and Metropolitan policemen belaboured each other with clubs, trying to decide which had the right to interfere."
friendlyfire, Nov 03 2002

       hmm... thank you all for this discussion. It seems like a genuinely bad idea. So now I have to find an improvement that will fix the challenges.   

       BTW, if it would work, they would be doing twice the work for HALF the pay (since we woud be using the same budget without doubling it).
pashute, Nov 04 2002


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